Altcoin Season Index Signals Arrival — Top Tokens Eclipse Bitcoin’s Market Performance

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The Altcoin Season Index is flashing a signal that altcoin season has arrived, with top tokens outperforming Bitcoin in the past 90 days. As per’s index, which rates the performance of the leading 50 altcoins, this metric shows that 75% of these tokens have eclipsed Bitcoin’s market performance. Previously, in December, the index scored a 47 out of 100, indicating that it wasn’t yet altcoin season. However, the current score of 76 out of 100 clearly declares that altcoin season is underway. This brings forth questions about the duration of this season and whether Bitcoin will take a backseat amidst these significant market fluctuations.

Altcoin Season Index Signals Arrival — Top Tokens Eclipse Bitcoins Market Performance

Altcoin Season Index Signals Arrival

According to the Altcoin Season Index from, an indicator signaling the arrival of the so-called ‘altcoin season,’ the time has indeed come for altcoins. This metric essentially demonstrates that 75% of the leading 50 altcoins have outperformed bitcoin in the past 90 days.

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Altcoins Ascend as Index Points to Season’s Entry

In early December 2023, a multitude of cryptocurrency enthusiasts eagerly anticipated the possible onset of altcoin season. Reporting on this trending topic at the time, News referred to’s Altcoin Season Index, which rated a 47 out of 100.

This indicated that as of Dec. 9, 2023, it wasn’t yet altcoin season, at least based on the index’s assessment. Today, however, the narrative painted by the measurement is entirely different.

A preserved snapshot from’s index on Jan. 14, 2024, clearly declares “it’s altcoin season.” The index is positioned at 76 out of 100, with any score above 75 signaling an altcoin season.

Preserved Snapshot Shows Altcoin Season

This level was last observed at the close of August 2022 and continued until the end of September that same year. According to the index’s methodology, when 75% of the top 50 leading crypto tokens surpass bitcoin (BTC) in performance over 90 days (a season), it is officially considered altcoin season.

Altcoin season also took place from the end of March 2021 to mid-June 2021 as well. The leading assets that have outperformed BTC during the season include ORDI, SEI, INJ, SOL, ICP, AVAX, IMX, NEAR, and a large handful of others.

Altcoin Season Index Signals Arrival — Top Tokens Eclipse Bitcoins Market Performance

Altcoin Season Definition

The Altcoin Season Index from provides a valuable definition of altcoin season. It indicates that 75% of the top 50 altcoins have outperformed bitcoin in the past 90 days, signaling the arrival of altcoin season. This definition helps crypto enthusiasts understand the current market trends and make informed investment decisions.

Previous Instances of Altcoin Season

Altcoin seasons have occurred in the past, leading to significant market fluctuations. One instance took place from August to September 2022, where altcoins outperformed bitcoin and captured market attention. Another notable altcoin season occurred from March to June 2021, with several leading assets surpassing BTC in performance.

These previous instances highlight the potential for altcoins to gain traction and dominate the market during the altcoin season.

Leading Assets in Altcoin Season

During altcoin seasons, certain assets tend to outperform bitcoin and attract investor interest. In the current altcoin season, high performers include ORDI, SEI, INJ, SOL, ICP, AVAX, IMX, and NEAR, among others.

ORDI stands out with a gain of 2,067%, while SEI has gained 558.5%. These impressive gains showcase the opportunities that altcoin season presents for investors.

ETH’s Market Dominance Rises

While altcoins experience a surge in performance during altcoin seasons, Ethereum (ETH) has also seen a rise in market dominance. Currently, on, ETH holds an 18% dominance rating, with BTC at 49.8%.

On, ETH is at 17.2% dominance, while BTC is at 47.5%. This increase in ETH’s market dominance complements the altcoin season and further strengthens the case for altcoin investments.


Flash Signal of Altcoin Season

The flash signal of altcoin season has emerged as a trending topic on social media. After an extended period without a clear indication of an altcoin season, the index is now pointing towards a trend in favor of altcoins. This signal has caught the attention of market participants and sparked discussions about the current state of the cryptocurrency market.

Questions about the Durability of Altcoin Season

While the arrival of altcoin season is exciting for investors and traders, questions arise about its durability and impact on bitcoin’s performance. The duration of altcoin season remains uncertain, and market participants are keen to understand how long this trend will last.

Furthermore, the impact of altcoin season on bitcoin’s performance is a topic of interest. Will bitcoin’s ascent pause or take a backseat amidst significant altcoin market fluctuations? These questions contribute to the ongoing analysis and speculation surrounding altcoin season.

Opinions and Comments

As the Altcoin Season Index reaches 76 out of 100, readers and market participants share their thoughts and opinions on this subject. The comments section becomes a forum for discussion about altcoin season and market expectations.

Crypto enthusiasts and investors engage in conversations about the potential opportunities and risks associated with altcoin season. Opinions vary, reflecting diverse perspectives within the cryptocurrency community.

In conclusion, the Altcoin Season Index signals the arrival of altcoin season, with 75% of the top 50 altcoins outperforming bitcoin in the past 90 days. This development has sparked excitement among crypto enthusiasts and investors, as altcoins ascend and outshine BTC. However, questions about the durability of altcoin season and its impact on the overall market remain, prompting ongoing analysis and discussions.


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