Argentina’s Stablecoin Purchases Dominate Crypto Market in Latin America

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The recent economic crisis and currency devaluation in Argentina have prompted a surge in stablecoin purchases in the country, dominating the crypto market in Latin America. According to a report by crypto exchange Bitso, 60% of crypto purchases in Argentina were for dollar-based stablecoins like USDT and USDC, while only 13% were for bitcoin. This high demand for stablecoins demonstrates the Argentinian population’s response to the political and economic context, seeking alternatives to mitigate inflation and currency devaluation. With a rapidly rising annual inflation rate of 211.4% in 2023, Argentina has become the second-highest adopter of cryptocurrencies in Latin America and the fifteenth globally, as per a Chainalysis report.

Overview of Argentina’s Stablecoin Purchases

Argentina, a country plagued by economic troubles and high inflation rates, has seen a significant increase in stablecoin purchases. Bitso, a Mexican-founded crypto exchange, recently released a report highlighting Argentina’s dominance in stablecoin purchases in Latin America. This article provides an overview of Argentina’s economic context, discusses Bitso’s report on stablecoin purchases, explores the reasons behind these purchases, examines Argentina’s ranking in crypto adoption, delves into the views of Argentina’s new president on Bitcoin, analyzes Bitso’s user base in Latin America, explores the impact of stablecoin purchases on the Argentine economy, and discusses potential future trends in stablecoin usage in Latin America.

The Economic Context in Argentina

Argentina has been facing a severe economic crisis, with the country’s currency, the peso, plunging in value. The annual inflation rate in 2023 soared to 211.4%. These economic troubles have resulted in a challenging environment for individuals and businesses in Argentina and have prompted them to seek alternative solutions to protect their wealth.

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Bitso’s Report on Stablecoin Purchases

Bitso, a well-known crypto exchange in Latin America, has analyzed the patterns of cryptocurrency purchases in Argentina. According to their report, 60% of the crypto purchases made by Argentine users on their platform were in stablecoins such as USDT and USDC. This indicates a strong demand for stable assets that can protect against inflation and devaluation. In contrast, only 13% of the purchases were made in Bitcoin, highlighting a preference for stablecoins in the Argentine market.

Comparing this data with other Latin American countries, stablecoin purchases in Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico ranged between 31% and 40% of total crypto purchases. This suggests that Argentina has a significantly higher demand for stablecoins compared to its neighboring countries.

Reasons for Stablecoin Purchases in Argentina

The high demand for stablecoins in Argentina can be attributed to the country’s political and economic context. The unstable economic situation, characterized by high inflation rates and a devaluing currency, has motivated individuals and businesses to seek a more stable store of value. Stablecoins, which are pegged to a fiat currency, provide an alternative to traditional currencies and can serve as a hedge against inflation.

Argentina’s Ranking in Crypto Adoption

According to a Chainalysis report, Argentina ranks second in terms of crypto adoption in Latin America and 15th in the world. This highlights the country’s growing interest in cryptocurrencies and the increasing use of digital assets as a means of financial transactions and wealth preservation.

Argentina’s New President and Bitcoin

Argentina’s recently elected president, Javier Milei, has shown a favorable stance towards Bitcoin. While not explicitly endorsing Bitcoin, Milei has made friendly overtures towards the cryptocurrency, referring to it as “the return of money to its original creator, the private sector.” He has also criticized central banking, referring to it as a “scam.” These statements suggest a positive sentiment towards decentralized financial systems and cryptocurrencies in Argentina’s political leadership.

Bitso’s User Base in Latin America

Bitso, being one of the leading crypto exchanges in Latin America, boasts over 8 million users across the region. The significant number of users on the platform indicates a growing interest and adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America, with Argentina playing a prominent role in driving this trend.

Impact of Stablecoin Purchases on Argentine Economy

The stablecoin purchases in Argentina have the potential to bring stability to individuals and businesses in an uncertain economic climate. By reducing their reliance on the volatile peso, Argentine users can preserve their wealth and engage in more secure financial transactions.

Moreover, the increasing use of stablecoins signals the importance of cryptocurrencies in uncertain economic times. As individuals and businesses seek stability and protection against inflation, the adoption of stablecoins provides a viable solution.

Future Trends in Stablecoin Purchases in Latin America

The current trend of stablecoin purchases in Argentina is likely to continue, and there is potential for further growth in stablecoin usage in Latin America as a whole. The appeal of stablecoins as a hedge against inflation and devaluation is likely to drive this growth.

As stablecoin usage expands, it may also have an impact on other countries in the region. Neighboring countries, facing similar economic challenges, may look to Argentina’s example and increase their own stablecoin purchases.


Argentina’s dominance in stablecoin purchases in Latin America reflects the country’s economic troubles and the demand for stability in the face of high inflation rates. Bitso’s report sheds light on the significant role stablecoins play in protecting wealth and facilitating secure financial transactions in Argentina.

The implications of Argentina’s stablecoin purchases extend beyond its borders, as the region looks to adopt similar strategies to hedge against economic uncertainty. As the adoption of stablecoins continues to grow in Latin America, it is likely to have a profound impact on the crypto market in the region.



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