Avail partners with Starkware to provide data availability solution for Madara application-chains

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Avail, a key player in the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, has recently joined forces with Starkware, a renowned blockchain technology provider, to offer a cutting-edge “data availability” solution specifically designed for the revolutionary Madara application-chains. Anticipated to launch in Q1 of 2024, Avail’s endeavor is set to coincide with the upcoming release of Madara in Q2 of the same year. With data availability solutions rapidly gaining traction in the Ethereum ecosystem, these innovative offerings are poised to significantly reduce costs and enhance the speed of layer-2 networks. By leveraging the Madara sequencer, users will have unparalleled flexibility in creating customizable application-chains and layer-3 blockchains. As Avail’s counterpart, Celestia, has already established its presence and partnered with prominent platforms like Polygon and Arbitrum for its data availability solution, the partnership between Avail and Starkware aims to unlock scalability, decentralization, and cost-efficiency in the realm of data availability.

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Avail partners with Starkware

Avail, a rival to Celestia in the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, has recently reached an agreement with Starkware, a leading blockchain technology provider. The collaboration between the two companies aims to provide Avail’s “data availability” solution to new application-chains built using Starkware’s Madara. This partnership holds great promise for the Ethereum ecosystem, as it combines the strengths of both companies to advance data availability solutions.

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Avail’s Timeline

Avail’s data availability solution is expected to go live in the first quarter of 2024. This timeline aligns with Starkware’s plans to launch Madara in the second quarter of the same year. The synchronized release will enable developers to leverage Avail’s solution on the new application-chains built using Madara, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Introduction to Madara

Madara is a platform developed by Starkware that allows for the creation of customizable application-chains and layer-3 blockchains. It provides developers with the tools and infrastructure to build and deploy complex decentralized applications (dApps) with ease. Madara’s flexibility and scalability make it an attractive option for developers looking to leverage the advantages of layer-2 networks.

Data Availability Solutions

Data availability (DA) solutions are gaining momentum in the Ethereum ecosystem due to their ability to reduce costs and improve speed for layer-2 networks. With the increasing adoption of dApps and the growing demand for scalable solutions, the importance of efficient data availability cannot be overstated. Avail’s partnership with Starkware aims to address these challenges by providing a robust, decentralized, and affordable data availability solution.

Avail’s Competitor – Celestia

Celestia, a leading player in the Ethereum ecosystem, offers a data availability solution that is already live. The company has partnered with Polygon and Arbitrum to provide their DA solution, positioning itself as a trusted and reliable provider in the market. Avail’s collaboration with Starkware puts them in direct competition with Celestia and offers developers an alternative solution for their data availability needs.

Partnership Goals

The partnership between Avail and Starkware is driven by shared goals of scalability, decentralization, and affordability in data availability solutions. Both companies are committed to addressing the challenges faced by developers in deploying layer-2 networks and are working together to develop innovative solutions that empower developers and improve the overall user experience.

Avail and Starkware Collaboration Details

The collaboration between Avail and Starkware involves the integration of Avail’s data availability solution with Starkware’s Madara platform. Both teams are working closely to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance. By combining Avail’s expertise in data availability solutions with Starkware’s infrastructure and tools, the two companies are laying the foundation for a robust and scalable ecosystem.

Benefits of Avail-Starkware Partnership

The partnership between Avail and Starkware brings several benefits to the Ethereum ecosystem and the developers building on Madara’s application-chains:

Enhanced data availability

Avail’s data availability solution significantly enhances the availability of data for layer-2 networks. By providing a decentralized and reliable infrastructure, developers can ensure that their dApps have access to real-time and accurate data, improving the overall reliability and user experience.

Improved scalability

One of the critical challenges faced by layer-2 networks is scalability. Avail’s partnership with Starkware enables developers to leverage scalable solutions that can handle increased transaction volumes and support the growth of decentralized applications. This partnership aims to provide scalable data availability solutions that can meet the demands of a rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Increased affordability

The cost of data availability solutions is a significant concern for developers. Avail’s collaboration with Starkware aims to provide affordable data availability options, enabling developers to access the necessary infrastructure without incurring exorbitant costs. This affordability factor encourages the wider adoption of layer-2 networks and helps drive innovation in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Promotion of decentralization

Decentralization is a core principle of the blockchain ecosystem. The partnership between Avail and Starkware emphasizes the importance of decentralization in data availability solutions. By distributing data across multiple nodes and ensuring a robust consensus mechanism, the partnership promotes a more decentralized and secure ecosystem.

Implications for Madara Application-Chains

The partnership between Avail and Starkware has significant implications for Madara application-chains:


More robust data availability

By integrating Avail’s data availability solution, Madara application-chains will benefit from enhanced data availability. This increased reliability and accessibility of data facilitate the seamless execution of smart contracts and the development of complex decentralized applications on the Madara platform.

Improved performance

With Avail’s data availability solution, Madara application-chains can achieve improved performance. The reduction in data latency and the effective distribution of information across the network result in faster transaction processing and improved overall system performance.

Greater flexibility for developers

Avail’s collaboration with Starkware expands the range of available data availability solutions for developers building on Madara application-chains. Developers now have the flexibility to choose the most suitable data availability solution for their specific use cases, empowering them to create innovative and customized decentralized applications.


The partnership between Avail and Starkware marks a significant milestone in the Ethereum ecosystem. By providing a robust and affordable solution for data availability, this collaboration establishes a solid foundation for the advancement of Madara application-chains. The enhanced data availability, improved scalability, increased affordability, and promotion of decentralization brought by this partnership will accelerate the development and adoption of layer-2 networks, driving innovation and growth in the Ethereum ecosystem.

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