Deutsche Telekom: A Conservative and Qualitative Business

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Deutsche Telekom has proven itself to be a conservative and qualitative business in the communications sector, surpassing expectations with a remarkable 30% return on investment since January 2022. Recognizing the shifting landscape, the author has made the strategic decision to trim their position in Deutsche Telekom and invest in other undervalued companies. Although the valuation of Deutsche Telekom may no longer be considered fantastic, the company remains strong with a substantial subscriber base and a prominent role in the global 5G market. Notably, the company has successfully generated significant free cash flow and even launched a dividend. Maintaining customer momentum and experiencing growth across various segments, Deutsche Telekom demonstrates its resilience against potential risks such as competition in Europe and a fragmented market for regional licensing in the United States. On the upside, the author highlights the potential benefits of the Sprint/T-Mobile merger in conjunction with Deutsche Telekom’s favorable market position and exceptional capital allocation ability. With these factors in mind, the author offers a price target of approximately €24 per share for Deutsche Telekom.

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Deutsche Telekom: A Conservative and Qualitative Business

Company Performance

Deutsche Telekom has proven to be a standout performer in the communications sector, with an impressive return on investment of over 30% since January 2022. This accomplishment showcases the company’s ability to deliver strong results and generate value for its investors. The company’s consistent growth and profitability have set it apart from its competitors in the industry.

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Author’s Actions

Having recognized the positive performance and potential of Deutsche Telekom, the author has made strategic decisions to optimize their investment portfolio. By taking profits and reducing their position in Deutsche Telekom, the author has been able to capitalize on the company’s success. Additionally, the author has identified other undervalued companies to invest in, diversifying their holdings and maximizing their potential returns.

Deutsche Telekom: A Conservative and Qualitative Business


While the valuation of Deutsche Telekom may no longer be at the fantastic levels witnessed earlier, it remains a conservative and qualitative business. The company’s solid fundamentals, strong market position, and proven track record make it an attractive investment option. By focusing on factors such as revenue stability, operating efficiency, and long-term sustainability, Deutsche Telekom continues to offer investors a reliable and stable investment opportunity.

Subscriber Base

Deutsche Telekom boasts a large and robust subscriber base, positioning it as a leading player in the global 5G market. The company’s expansive customer reach not only indicates its widespread popularity but also provides a strong foundation for future growth. With the increasing demand for 5G technology and the company’s commitment to innovation, Deutsche Telekom is well-positioned to capitalize on the evolving telecommunications landscape.

Deutsche Telekom: A Conservative and Qualitative Business

Free Cash Flow

One of the standout strengths of Deutsche Telekom is its significant generation of free cash flow. This steady flow of cash allows the company to reinvest in its operations, pursue strategic initiatives, and provide attractive shareholder returns. As a testament to its financial strength and stability, Deutsche Telekom has recently launched a dividend program, further enhancing its appeal to investors looking for income-generating opportunities.


Customer Momentum

Deutsche Telekom has successfully maintained its customer momentum by delivering exceptional services and offerings. The company’s ability to retain existing customers while attracting new ones has contributed to its consistent growth and market dominance. Moreover, Deutsche Telekom has achieved notable success across various segments, showcasing its versatility and adaptability in meeting the diverse needs of its customer base.

Deutsche Telekom: A Conservative and Qualitative Business


Despite its impressive performance and strengths, Deutsche Telekom does face certain risks that investors should be mindful of. The competitive landscape in Europe presents a challenge, as numerous telecommunications companies vie for market share and actively pursue growth strategies. Additionally, the fragmented market for regional licensing in the US poses a potential obstacle as regional regulations and licensing requirements may vary, potentially impacting Deutsche Telekom’s expansion plans in the country.


Deutsche Telekom stands to benefit from several potential upsides that could further enhance its market position and financial performance. The merger between Sprint and T-Mobile has created opportunities for synergy and consolidation in the telecommunications industry, and Deutsche Telekom’s involvement in this merger positions it favorably to capitalize on these benefits. Furthermore, the company’s market position and capital allocation ability are key strengths that provide it with a competitive edge.

Deutsche Telekom: A Conservative and Qualitative Business

Price Target

Based on a comprehensive evaluation of Deutsche Telekom’s performance, valuation, and potential, the author has set a price target of approximately €24/share. This target reflects the author’s belief in the company’s continued growth and ability to deliver value to its shareholders. With its strong fundamentals, market position, and strategic initiatives, Deutsche Telekom has the potential to justify this price target and provide investors with a solid return on their investment.

In conclusion, Deutsche Telekom has proven itself as a strong performer in the communications sector, delivering impressive returns and outperforming its peers. Despite a slightly lower valuation, the company maintains its conservative and qualitative nature, appealing to investors seeking stability and reliability. With its large subscriber base, leading presence in the global 5G market, and significant free cash flow generation, Deutsche Telekom is well-positioned for future growth. While risks exist, the potential upsides from the Sprint/T-Mobile merger, market position, and capital allocation ability further strengthen the investment case for Deutsche Telekom. Overall, the author’s price target of approximately €24/share reflects their confidence in the company’s ability to continue delivering value to its shareholders.

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