Everybody’s scared to death of Trump’: Even some DeSantis supporters in South Carolina think he’s going to lose

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Despite his efforts to position himself as the top contender against Donald Trump in the upcoming South Carolina primary, even some of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ supporters in the state believe he is likely to lose to the former president. During his campaign stops, DeSantis encountered supporters who expressed their fear that Trump’s popularity would ultimately secure him the victory. While DeSantis emphasized his background as a Navy officer and touted his accomplishments as governor, some supporters remained skeptical of his chances. This sentiment was echoed by David Steding, who admired DeSantis’ message but doubted his ability to win in South Carolina. Despite this skepticism, there were still those like Julie Maid who stood firmly behind DeSantis and praised his straightforward approach compared to Trump’s dramatics. As the primary date draws near, it remains to be seen if DeSantis can sway enough voters to his side and overcome the perceived dominance of Trump in the state’s political landscape.

Everybodys scared to death of Trump: Even some DeSantis supporters in South Carolina think hes going to lose

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Campaigns in South Carolina

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has recently made a strategic move to focus his campaign efforts on South Carolina, framing his campaign as one that can surpass both Donald Trump and Nikki Haley in this crucial primary state. However, while DeSantis is optimistic about his chances, there are mixed reactions from his supporters in South Carolina. Some believe that Trump will ultimately win the primary, raising concerns about DeSantis’ ability to secure victory in the state.

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Mixed Reactions from DeSantis Supporters

Among DeSantis’ supporters in South Carolina, there is a range of opinions regarding his chances in the primary. Steven Best, a Trump supporter who attended one of DeSantis’ campaign events, expressed fear that Trump would ultimately come out on top. Best cited the attempts to remove Trump from the ballot due to his claims of election fraud as evidence of the widespread support for the former president. Despite attending the event, he held onto his belief that Trump is the stronger candidate.

Another supporter, David Steding, also expressed doubt about DeSantis’ chances of winning in South Carolina. While Steding admired DeSantis’ message, he was uncertain about whether the Florida governor could secure a victory in the state. It is clear that even among DeSantis’ supporters, there is skepticism about his ability to surpass Trump’s popularity.

On the other hand, Julie Maid remains a staunch supporter of DeSantis, despite acknowledging Trump’s lead in the primary. Maid appreciates DeSantis’ straightforward approach and believes that he is the most qualified candidate for the presidency. Her unwavering support for DeSantis highlights the loyalty that some of his followers have towards him.

DeSantis’ Campaign Shifts Focus

In a strategic move, Ron DeSantis has opted to shift his campaign’s focus away from New Hampshire and towards South Carolina. This decision reflects the importance of South Carolina in determining the party’s nominee, as its primary has historically been influential. DeSantis has scheduled multiple campaign stops in the state, demonstrating his commitment to winning over voters in South Carolina.

By shifting his campaign away from New Hampshire, DeSantis is prioritizing the state that he believes will have a greater impact on his chances of securing the nomination. Understanding the significance of South Carolina, DeSantis is making strategic choices to maximize his campaign efforts and appeal to voters in this critical primary state.

Everybodys scared to death of Trump: Even some DeSantis supporters in South Carolina think hes going to lose

DeSantis Takes Jab at Nikki Haley

During his campaign events in South Carolina, Ron DeSantis took the opportunity to question Nikki Haley’s major achievements as governor. Haley, a former governor of South Carolina, is also competing for the Republican nomination and presents a formidable challenge for DeSantis.

DeSantis challenged the audience to name any major achievements of Nikki Haley during her time in office as governor. When someone shouted out “gas tax” as a possible achievement, DeSantis dismissed it, emphasizing that “nobody named an achievement.” This critique highlights DeSantis’ determination to differentiate himself from his opponents and diminish their accomplishments.

Accusations of Haley flip-flopping on the gas tax have also been raised by DeSantis and Trump. A super PAC supporting Trump’s campaign even aired a television ad criticizing Haley’s gas tax proposal. These accusations reflect the competitiveness of the race and the efforts by DeSantis and his supporters to undermine Haley’s candidacy.

Supporters and Opponents of DeSantis and Haley

As the race for the Republican nomination intensifies, there is a clear divide between supporters and opponents of both Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley. A super PAC supporting Trump’s campaign has run a TV ad criticizing Haley’s gas tax proposal, indicating opposition to her candidacy.

Furthermore, the current Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, who is a strong supporter of Trump, is heading to New Hampshire to appear with the former president. This gesture demonstrates McMaster’s endorsement of Trump and his commitment to supporting his campaign. Additionally, Senator Tim Scott, another influential figure in South Carolina, has also endorsed Trump at a recent event in New Hampshire.

On the other hand, DeSantis has his loyal supporters, such as Julie Maid, who remain dedicated to his campaign despite acknowledging Trump’s lead in the polls. While support for both DeSantis and Haley varies among South Carolina voters, it is clear that the Republican nomination race in this state is highly contested.

Everybodys scared to death of Trump: Even some DeSantis supporters in South Carolina think hes going to lose


Mixed Opinions from DeSantis Supporters in South Carolina

Among DeSantis’ supporters in South Carolina, there are mixed opinions about their level of support and how they will vote in the primary. Julie Maid, a dedicated supporter, firmly stands behind DeSantis as her front-runner. Maid admires DeSantis’ straightforward approach and believes that he possesses the qualities needed for the presidency.

However, not all supporters are as certain. David Steding, who attended a DeSantis campaign event, expressed uncertainty about whether he would vote for DeSantis. Although he was present at the event, Steding remained on the fence about supporting DeSantis, indicating a level of indecision among some supporters.

Despite the mixed opinions, it is evident that DeSantis has a base of dedicated supporters in South Carolina who are willing to stand by him as he competes for the Republican nomination.

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James Pollard contributed to the report from Florence, South Carolina, providing additional insights into DeSantis’ campaign events in the state. The Associated Press also provided valuable information for this article, contributing to the comprehensive coverage of the topic.

Everybodys scared to death of Trump: Even some DeSantis supporters in South Carolina think hes going to lose


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