FIGS, Inc. Earnings News

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FIGS, Inc. recently released their 2023 Q4 earnings news, which provides insight into the company’s financial performance. The earnings call presentation, in conjunction with the company’s stock analysis, offers valuable information for investors and stakeholders. This article will delve into the key highlights and takeaways from FIGS, Inc.’s earnings news, shedding light on important details and trends that may impact the market. Stay tuned to discover the latest developments and prospects for FIGS, Inc. as they navigate the ever-evolving landscape of the global market.

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FIGS, Inc.

FIGS, Inc. Earnings News

2023 Q4 – Results – Earnings Call Presentation

FIGS, Inc. recently held its earnings call for the fourth quarter of 2023, where it presented its financial results to investors and analysts. The call was an opportunity for FIGS, Inc. to share its achievements, discuss its future plans, and address any concerns or questions from the audience. The presentation was conducted in a professional manner, highlighting key information and providing valuable insights into the company’s performance.

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Date and Time

Feb. 28, 2024 7:40 PM ET

The earnings call took place on February 28, 2024, at 7:40 PM Eastern Time. This timing allowed for both domestic and international participants to join the call and engage with FIGS, Inc. representatives. The evening time slot was chosen to maximize attendance and ensure that participants had sufficient time to review relevant financial information before the call.

Stock Information

FIGS, Inc. (FIGS) Stock

Symbol: FIGS

Last Price

% Chg1D







Market Cap


Yield (TTM)

Rev Growth (YoY)

Short Interest

Prev. Close

During the earnings call, FIGS, Inc. provided an overview of its stock performance and related market information. The stock is traded under the symbol FIGS and its latest price and percentage changes over different time periods were shared. Additionally, key financial metrics like market capitalization, price-earnings ratio, yield, revenue growth, short interest, and the previous day’s closing price were discussed. These details help investors and analysts better understand FIGS, Inc.’s market standing and evaluate the company’s financial performance.

FIGS, Inc. Earnings News

Presentation Slide Deck

The following slide deck was published by FIGS, Inc. in conjunction with their 2023 Q4 earnings call.

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FIGS, Inc. provided a slide deck to accompany its earnings call presentation. This deck was made available to participants in PDF format, allowing them to follow along and refer back to the slides as needed. The slides contained visual representations of key financial data, charts, graphs, and other relevant information to support the discussions during the earnings call. Participants were also able to enlarge the slides for better visibility and clarity.

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About FIGS Stock

Market Symbol: FIGS

Last Price

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% Change in 5 Days

% Change in 1 Month

% Change in 6 Months

% Change in 1 Year

% Change in 5 Years

% Change in 10 Years

Market Cap

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Short Interest

Previous Close

FIGS, Inc.’s stock, which is traded under the symbol FIGS, has experienced changes in value over time. The recent performance of the stock, including its last price and percentage changes over various time periods such as one day, five days, one month, six months, one year, five years, and ten years, was discussed during the earnings call. Other financial metrics related to the stock, such as market capitalization, price-earnings ratio, yield, revenue growth, short interest, and the previous closing price, were also outlined. These details provide insight into the stock’s historical performance and assist investors in evaluating its potential.

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As part of its commitment to empowering investors, FIGS, Inc. offers trending analysis to help individuals make informed financial decisions. Investors can follow FIGS, Inc. to stay updated on market trends, gain valuable insights, and make educated investment choices. Furthermore, FIGS, Inc. provides an app that users can download to access real-time market information and analysis conveniently.

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