How to Earn Coins in Pokemon GO

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How to Earn Coins in Pokemon GO

Are you ready to become a Pokemon master and earn plenty of coins in Pokemon GO? Look no further! This article will guide you through the best strategies to collect coins in the popular augmented reality game. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned trainer, we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks to maximize your coin earnings. From mastering gym battles to utilizing special events, get ready to level up your coin game and become the ultimate Pokemon GO champion. Get your Pokeballs ready, because it’s time to embark on an epic coin-collecting adventure!

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1. Participate in Gym Battles

How to Earn Coins in Pokemon GO

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Train and join a team

In Pokemon GO, one of the ways to earn coins is by participating in gym battles. To get started, you need to train and join one of the three teams available: Team Valor, Team Mystic, or Team Instinct. Joining a team will allow you to fight for control over different gyms scattered throughout the game.

Capture and hold gyms

Once you have joined a team, the next step is to capture and hold gyms. Gyms are important landmarks in the game where you can battle and train your Pokemon. By successfully defeating rival Pokemon in gym battles, you can gain control of the gym and place your own Pokemon to defend it.

Defend gyms for daily coins

After capturing a gym, it’s crucial to defend it to earn daily coins. Each day that your Pokemon remains in a gym, you will receive a certain amount of coins as a reward. The longer your Pokemon stays in the gym, the more coins you will earn. So make sure to strategically choose strong Pokemon to defend the gyms and maximize your coin earnings.

2. Complete Daily Quests

How to Earn Coins in Pokemon GO

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Spin PokeStops

Another way to earn coins in Pokemon GO is by completing daily quests. One common daily quest is to spin PokeStops. PokeStops are real-world locations marked on the in-game map where you can collect various items, including coins. By spinning these PokeStops every day, you have a chance to receive coins as a reward.


Catch Pokemon

Catching Pokemon is not only an exciting part of the game but also a way to earn coins. By catching different species of Pokemon, you can complete daily quests and receive coin rewards. So keep your eyes peeled for Pokemon in your area and try to catch as many as you can to increase your chances of earning coins.

Transfer Pokemon

To make space in your Pokemon storage and earn some extra coins, consider transferring Pokemon that you no longer need. This action not only helps you clear out unnecessary duplicates or weaker Pokemon but also grants you coins in return. So be sure to regularly assess your Pokemon collection and transfer those that no longer serve a purpose for you.

How to Earn Coins in Pokemon GO

Evolve Pokemon

Another way to earn coins through daily quests is by evolving your Pokemon. Evolution is a fundamental aspect of Pokemon GO, and by evolving certain species of Pokemon, you can complete daily tasks and be rewarded with coins. Keep track of the Pokemon you have and their evolution requirements to take full advantage of this earning opportunity.

Visit friends’ Pokemon Gyms

Socializing with friends in Pokemon GO can prove to be beneficial when it comes to earning coins. By visiting your friends’ Pokemon Gyms, you can complete quests and earn additional coins as rewards. So connect with your friends in the game and support their gym presence while also adding to your own coin collection.

3. Participate in Raid Battles

Defeat Raid Bosses

Raid battles are exciting, cooperative challenges that allow you to team up with other trainers and take on powerful Raid Bosses. By participating in these battles, you not only have the opportunity to test your skills but also to earn raid battle rewards. These rewards can include rare items and, in some cases, coins.

How to Earn Coins in Pokemon GO

Get Raid Battle rewards

If you manage to defeat a Raid Boss, you will be rewarded with various items, and sometimes coins. The amount of coins received as a reward can vary, but it’s an excellent opportunity to bolster your coin collection. Raid battles are a great way to not only earn coins but also acquire valuable items to enhance your Pokemon’s strength.

4. Hatch and Walk with Eggs

Obtain Eggs from PokeStops

Walking and hatching eggs is not only a great way to get some exercise but also a means of earning coins in Pokemon GO. To start hatching eggs, you need to obtain them from PokeStops. As you spin PokeStops, you will occasionally receive eggs that you can then place in an incubator.

Walk to hatch Eggs

Once you have obtained an egg and placed it in an incubator, you need to walk a certain distance for the egg to hatch. The distance required for hatching can vary depending on the type of egg, with some requiring only a short walk and others necessitating a more extended journey. So put on your walking shoes and start accumulating those steps to hatch your eggs.

How to Earn Coins in Pokemon GO

Collect walking distance rewards

Upon successfully hatching an egg, you will be rewarded with various items, including coins. The more eggs you hatch, the more opportunities you have to receive coins as rewards. Hatching eggs not only adds excitement to your Pokemon GO experience but also presents a chance to earn coins effortlessly while staying active.

5. Use Incense and Lure Modules

Use Incense to attract Pokemon

Incense is a valuable item in Pokemon GO that can help you attract Pokemon to your location. By using incense, you create an alluring scent that lures Pokemon towards you, increasing your chances of encountering and catching them. While incense doesn’t directly reward you with coins, catching Pokemon can lead to completing daily quests and earning coins as a result.

Use Lure Modules at PokeStops to attract Pokemon

Similarly to incense, lure modules are an item that can be used strategically to attract Pokemon. Lure modules can be placed on PokeStops, causing them to emit a flowery aroma that entices Pokemon to gather around that specific location. By utilizing lure modules, you can increase the number of Pokemon you encounter, increasing your chances of completing daily quests and earning coins.

6. Take Part in Events and Special Research

Participate in limited-time events

Pokemon GO frequently hosts limited-time events that provide unique opportunities to earn coins. These events often come with special quests, bonuses, and increased rewards. By actively participating in these events, you can complete tasks, earn coins, and enjoy the additional excitement and rewards that come with these events.

Complete Special Research tasks

In addition to regular daily quests, Pokemon GO provides special research tasks that can be completed for various rewards, including coins. These special research tasks often involve unique challenges or objectives that can lead to coin rewards upon completion. Keep an eye out for these special research tasks and take advantage of them to add more coins to your collection.

7. Trade Pokemon with Friends

Trade Pokemon with friends for bonus coins

Interacting and trading Pokemon with friends in Pokemon GO can not only be a fun way to connect but can also result in bonus coins. By trading Pokemon with your friends, you have a chance to receive bonus coins as a reward. So make sure to team up with your Pokemon GO friends and engage in trading to increase your chances of earning those valuable bonus coins.

8. Battle in PvP Battles

Participate in Trainer Battles

Trainer battles in Pokemon GO are player vs. player battles that allow you to test your skills against other trainers. By actively participating in these battles, you not only have the chance to showcase your strategy and strength but also earn rewards, including coins. Battle against other trainers and collect your well-deserved coins as a result.

Complete PvP Battle Sets for rewards

To encourage regular participation in PvP battles, Pokemon GO offers PvP battle sets that can be completed for rewards. By winning battles, progressing through the battle sets, and achieving victory milestones, you can earn various rewards, such as coins. So make sure to dive into the world of PvP battles and reap the rewards that come with your skill and perseverance.

9. Purchase Coins with Real Money

Buy coins from the in-game store

If you want to quickly obtain coins in Pokemon GO, you have the option to purchase them with real money. The in-game store offers different coin packages that you can buy, providing you with an instant boost to your coin collection. This option is particularly useful if you need coins urgently or want to acquire certain items or upgrades.

10. Collect Daily Login Rewards

Login daily to receive coins

Lastly, simply logging into Pokemon GO each day can reward you with coins. By consistently logging in, even if only for a few minutes, you can accumulate daily login rewards that can include coins. So make it a habit to open the game and collect your daily login rewards to steadily increase your coin balance.

In conclusion, earning coins in Pokemon GO involves a combination of participating in gym battles, completing daily quests, participating in raid battles, hatching eggs, using items like incense and lure modules, taking part in events and special research, trading with friends, engaging in PvP battles, purchasing coins with real money, and collecting daily login rewards. By actively engaging in these various activities, you can steadily build your coin collection and enhance your Pokemon GO experience. So get out there, explore the world, and become a master of coin collection in Pokemon GO!

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