Joe Biden absent from New Hampshire primary ballot

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Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, is notably absent from the New Hampshire primary ballot. This is due to the Democratic National Committee’s assertion that state party officials in New Hampshire violated national party rules by scheduling the primary earlier than permitted. As a consequence, the primary in New Hampshire will not award any delegates on Tuesday. President Biden himself has chosen not to appear on the ballot, citing the violation of party rules as the reason for his decision. However, some New Hampshire Democrats are urging primary voters to still support Biden by casting their ballots for him as a write-in candidate. While ballots without a marked oval may initially be deemed “blank,” local election officials will ultimately determine whether they qualify as valid write-in votes. The New Hampshire Secretary of State anticipates that results, including a count of write-in votes for Biden, will be available on primary night.

Joe Biden absent from New Hampshire primary ballot


Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, is notably absent from the Democratic primary ballot in New Hampshire. This absence stems from a violation of national party rules committed by state party officials, who scheduled the primary earlier than allowed. Consequently, the primary in New Hampshire will not have any delegates at stake.

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Reason for Absence

President Joe Biden made the decision to skip the New Hampshire primary due to it violating party rules. As a result, his name will not appear on the ballot, as mandated by the Democratic National Committee. This non-appearance on the ballot serves as both a consequence and a demonstration of his commitment to adhering to party regulations.

Support for Write-In Votes

Despite Joe Biden’s absence from the primary ballot, there exists an encouragement from New Hampshire Democrats to cast write-in votes for him. This support reflects the belief that constituents should have the opportunity to express their preference for Biden as a candidate, irrespective of his absence on the printed ballot. Such write-in votes have the potential to impact the outcome of the primary, further emphasizing their significance.

Handling of Write-In Ballots

To ensure the integrity of the electoral process, write-in ballots without a darkened oval initially may be categorized as “blank.” However, this does not mean that they will be disregarded. Instead, local election officials will meticulously determine the validity of these write-in votes, diligently reviewing each ballot to distinguish between legitimate write-in choices and unintentional omissions.

Expected Results

Despite Joe Biden’s absence on the ballot, the New Hampshire Secretary of State guarantees the availability of results on primary night. This extends to the inclusion of a tally for write-in votes specifically cast for Biden. By allowing this transparency in the electoral process, the Secretary of State aims to deliver an accurate representation of the primary’s outcome, including the impact of write-in votes.

Impact on Biden’s Campaign

The absence of Joe Biden on the New Hampshire primary ballot sparks discussions about potential consequences for his campaign. While it may seem disadvantageous at first, strategies can be implemented to compensate for this absence. Biden’s campaign could focus on solidifying support in other states and securing victories in subsequent primaries. It is paramount to recognize that the outcome of one primary does not determine the entirety of a candidate’s campaign.

Response from Biden’s Team

In response to his absence on the New Hampshire primary ballot, Joe Biden’s campaign has released a statement acknowledging the violation of party rules that led to this situation. While emphasizing their commitment to party regulations, the campaign also expresses gratitude for the support received from individuals casting write-in votes for Biden. This response demonstrates a willingness to adapt to unforeseen circumstances while maintaining a positive outlook.

Reactions from Other Candidates

Joe Biden’s absence from the New Hampshire primary ballot garners attention from his fellow Democratic contenders. Each candidate brings their perspective to the table, offering comments on the situation. The impact of this absence on the overall competition is a topic of interest, as candidates evaluate their strategies and adjust their campaigns accordingly. The absence of a prominent candidate can potentially influence the dynamics of the race.

Political Implications

The absence of Joe Biden on the New Hampshire primary ballot carries broader implications within the political landscape. Public perception of this situation may vary, with some perceiving it as a setback and others acknowledging the commitment to party regulations. The effect on voter sentiment becomes a focal point of discussion, as this incident can shape perceptions of Biden’s candidacy and influence future voter behavior.

Lessons for Future Primaries

The incident regarding Joe Biden’s absence from the New Hampshire primary ballot serves as a valuable lesson for future primaries. Adhering to party rules becomes increasingly important, as violations can lead to consequences such as non-appearances on the ballot. Furthermore, avoiding scheduling conflicts is crucial for candidates and party officials alike. By learning from the New Hampshire situation, future primaries can be conducted smoothly, ensuring the democratic process remains robust and fair.


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