Joe Rogan’s Podcast Expands to New Platforms

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Spotify is making a strategic move to expand its podcasting audience by signing a lucrative multi-year deal with Joe Rogan, one of its top podcasters. The deal, valued at over $250 million, allows the popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” to be available on multiple platforms beyond Spotify. Despite facing financial losses in its podcasting investment, Spotify sees this partnership as an opportunity to capitalize on Rogan’s immense popularity and reputation as the most-listened-to podcast globally. With the aim of making podcasting profitable, Spotify is confident that this expansion will contribute to its trajectory towards positive gross profit in the near future.

Joe Rogans Podcast Expands to New Platforms


Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” is poised to expand to new platforms. This comes after Spotify, the audio streaming platform, secured a multi-year deal with Rogan worth over $250 million. The deal aims to broaden the podcast’s audience beyond Spotify. “The Joe Rogan Experience” has been highly successful, consistently ranking as the most-listened-to podcast globally. Spotify users have also consistently ranked it as Spotify’s top podcast in their annual Wrapped rankings since 2020. This expansion signals Spotify’s investment in podcasting and its commitment to reaching a larger audience.

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Expansion to New Platforms

Spotify has announced its plans to make “The Joe Rogan Experience” available on additional platforms. This move is a strategic decision aimed at expanding the reach of the podcast. By making it accessible on other platforms, Spotify hopes to attract new listeners and diversify its audience. Currently, the podcast ranks highly in popularity, and expanding to new platforms will further solidify its position as one of the top podcasts globally.

Spotify’s Podcasting Strategy

Spotify has been investing heavily in podcasting to establish its presence in the market. The company has secured deals with various celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle, to produce exclusive content. However, these investments have come with financial challenges. Despite its $1 billion investment in podcasting, Spotify reported losses in this venture. This prompted the company to make organizational changes, including layoffs, to focus on its partnership with creators. Despite these challenges, Spotify remains committed to podcasting and is dedicated to making it a profitable venture.

Joe Rogan Experience

“The Joe Rogan Experience” has a long history, starting in 2009. It became exclusive to Spotify in 2020, thanks to a lucrative deal estimated to be between $180 million to $220 million. The move to Spotify significantly impacted the podcast’s reach and popularity. With the recent multi-year deal, Rogan’s podcast is expected to continue its success on multiple platforms. The estimated payout for the deal highlights the value of the podcast and its influential host.

Spotify’s Financial Outlook

Spotify has set a timeline for podcasting profitability, aiming to break even within one to two years. Despite initial losses, the company believes it is in line with this projection. During an earnings call, Spotify’s Chief Financial Officer, Paul Vogel, expressed confidence in the trajectory of podcasting trends. He stated that podcasting, which was once a drag on gross profit, is now on track to become a positive contributor. This positive outlook bodes well for Spotify’s financial future.

CEO’s Statement

Spotify’s CEO, Daniel Ek, provided an update on the company’s organizational changes related to podcasting. He emphasized the tailored approach Spotify is taking with leading podcasters from around the world. This approach is designed to optimize each show and support the creator community better. Ek acknowledged the need for adaptation and expressed Spotify’s commitment to working closely with podcasters to ensure their success on the platform. This statement underscores Spotify’s dedication to fostering a supportive and collaborative relationship with content creators.

Future Prospects

Spotify’s goal is to make podcasting a profitable venture. Despite the initial financial challenges, podcasts continue to gain popularity, with an upward trajectory in trends. As more listeners turn to podcasts for entertainment and information, the potential for financial success in the industry is promising. Spotify’s aggressive investments and strategic partnerships position the company favorably to capitalize on the growing demand for podcasts.

Implications for the Industry

Spotify’s multi-year deal with Joe Rogan has significant implications for other podcasters in the industry. The partnership underscores the value of exclusive content and the appeal it holds for platforms and listeners. Other podcasters may seek similar exclusive deals to increase their reach and secure financial backing. This competition in the market will likely lead to more opportunities for content creators and further growth in the podcasting industry as a whole.

Response from the Podcasting Community

The podcasting community has responded to Spotify’s strategy with a mix of reactions. Many admire Spotify’s commitment to investing in podcasting and its willingness to sign exclusive deals with influential podcasters. These deals provide financial security for content creators and elevate the industry’s profile. However, there are also concerns about consolidation within the industry. Some worry that exclusive deals may limit the availability of content for listeners and stifle diversity in the podcasting landscape.


Joe Rogan’s podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” expanding to new platforms represents a significant milestone in Spotify’s podcasting ambitions. The multi-year deal with Rogan underscores Spotify’s determination to broaden its audience and establish itself as a major player in the podcasting industry. Despite financial challenges, Spotify remains committed to making podcasting profitable and supporting content creators. With a positive trajectory in podcasting trends and the potential for financial success, the future of podcasting looks promising.


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