Potential Deal between Burford Capital and Argentina on the Horizon

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A potential deal between Burford Capital and Argentina is on the horizon, holding great promise for both parties involved. With a market cap of approximately $3.2 billion, Burford Capital is a litigation finance company that recently emerged victorious in their claim of damages against the Republic of Argentina worth a staggering $6.2 billion. Despite concerns over Argentina’s financial situation leading to a market discount of this judgment, there is a strong likelihood of a fruitful agreement being reached between Burford and Argentina. As Burford continues to navigate through their litigation backlog, they possess a diverse array of other underappreciated cases that promise to generate favorable outcomes. Furthermore, the company’s future holds potential windfall cases, including one targeting Sysco for price-fixing. Overall, the attractive valuation of Burford, even without factoring in the Argentina/YPF claim, makes this a deal that cannot be ignored.

Potential Deal between Burford Capital and Argentina on the Horizon

Background of Burford Capital

Burford Capital is a prominent litigation finance company in the market. It has been making a mark with its impressive performance and has attracted attention with its market capitalization of approximately $3.2 billion. As a leader in the industry, Burford Capital has made waves by specializing in providing funding for legal actions and monetizing legal claims.

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Burford’s Claim against Argentina

One of the key highlights for Burford Capital is its claim against the Republic of Argentina. The company has successfully won a claim of damages worth a staggering $6.2 billion against Argentina. This achievement has undoubtedly put Burford Capital in the spotlight, but it comes with its own set of challenges.

Currently, the market seems to be discounting the judgment due to Argentina’s financial situation. The economic condition of the country raises concerns about Argentina’s ability to pay the awarded damages. Despite this uncertainty, there is a high probability of a deal being struck between Burford Capital and Argentina.

Negotiations are underway, and both parties have a vested interest in finding a resolution. Burford Capital is eager to secure its rightful compensation, while Argentina wants to protect its financial stability. This shared motivation provides a positive outlook for a potential deal.

High Probability of a Deal

A detailed evaluation of the potential deal suggests a promising outcome. Several factors favor a mutually beneficial agreement between Burford Capital and Argentina. Firstly, Burford’s claim is significant, and the company has established a strong legal standing. This adds weight to their position and increases the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Secondly, Argentina’s financial situation, while precarious, necessitates a resolution. The country cannot afford to neglect its obligations to international investors, as it could further undermine its economic standing and credibility in the global market.

Considering these factors, it is expected that Burford Capital and Argentina will come to a resolution. The specifics of the deal may vary, but a fair agreement that satisfies both parties’ interests appears to be within reach.

Burford’s Broad Portfolio of Cases

While the claim against Argentina has garnered significant attention, it is important to acknowledge that Burford Capital has a broad portfolio of cases. This diversified approach strengthens the company’s overall position and mitigates any risks associated with individual claims.

Burford Capital possesses a collection of underappreciated cases within its portfolio. These cases not only offer the potential for substantial financial gains but also provide opportunities to showcase the company’s expertise and track record in litigation finance. By effectively managing these cases, Burford Capital can further solidify its market position and attract more lucrative opportunities.

Furthermore, Burford Capital has demonstrated continued success in resolving its litigation backlog. As the company efficiently works through its caseload, it further strengthens its reputation for effective legal financing solutions. This ongoing success bolsters investor confidence and positions Burford Capital as a leader in the litigation finance industry.

Other Potential Windfall Cases

In addition to the notable claim against Argentina, Burford Capital has other potential windfall cases in the pipeline. One such case involves Sysco, a company accused of price-fixing. The outcome of this case could have significant implications for both Burford Capital and the legal landscape.

The Sysco case addresses allegations of anti-competitive behavior, specifically price-fixing. If Burford Capital successfully represents the plaintiffs and secures a favorable judgment, it would not only result in financial gains for the company but also make a pertinent statement about the consequences of anti-competitive practices.

The expectations for this case are high, as it presents an opportunity to further establish Burford Capital as a key player in high-stakes litigation. The potential outcomes and implications of the Sysco case make it a promising addition to Burford’s portfolio.

Attractive Valuation of Burford

Considering the various factors discussed, Burford Capital presents an attractive valuation. Even if the Argentina/YPF claim is excluded, the company’s overall value remains appealing. The range of cases in its portfolio, successful resolution of litigation backlog, and ongoing potential windfall cases contribute to its compelling investment potential.


The exclusion of the Argentina claim in valuation might alleviate concerns related to the country’s financial situation. By removing this uncertainty, investors can focus on the robustness of Burford Capital’s business model and its proven track record.

Evaluation of Burford’s value takes into account not only the financial outcomes of its cases but also the reputation and expertise the company has built over time. The combination of legal knowledge, strategic acumen, and a diverse portfolio makes Burford Capital a compelling investment opportunity.

Overall, Burford Capital’s market capitalization of $3.2 billion, success in the claim against Argentina, potential for a favorable deal, broad portfolio of cases, and attractive valuation make it an intriguing choice for investors seeking exposure to the litigation finance industry.


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