President Biden’s Social Media Team Posts Picture with Laser Eyes, Sparking Confusion

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President Biden’s social media team caused confusion when they posted a picture of him with laser eyes on Twitter, a symbolic gesture often associated with support for Bitcoin. However, this does not signify an official endorsement from President Biden himself. The image appears to be a reference to a meme known as “Dark Brandon,” which emerged as a response to a right-wing conspiracy theory. In this meme, Biden is depicted as a superhero named “Dark Brandon.” The social media post left many perplexed, particularly given the recent surge in Bitcoin’s value. Initially, crypto enthusiasts were thrilled at the apparent show of support from President Biden, but it soon became apparent that this was not the case. The reasoning behind the Biden social media team’s decision to adopt this cryptocurrency-associated aesthetic remains unclear. The use of social media in the realm of politics can be a potent tool but can also lead to unexpected consequences. Notably, the “laser eyes” meme has been employed by various elected officials and corporations to express their backing of Bitcoin. CoinDesk, a renowned media outlet specializing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets, offers extensive coverage and information on these topics.

President Biden’s social media team posts picture with laser eyes

President Biden’s social media team recently caused a stir when they posted a picture of him with laser eyes on Twitter. This seemingly innocent gesture was quickly interpreted as a symbol of support for Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency that has been making waves in the financial world. However, it is important to note that this image does not necessarily mean that President Biden has officially endorsed Bitcoin. Rather, it appears to be a reference to a meme known as “Dark Brandon,” which originated as a response to a right-wing conspiracy theory.

The laser eyes symbol and its connection to Bitcoin

The “laser eyes” symbol has gained significant attention within the Bitcoin community. Essentially, it involves digitally adding laser beams shooting out of someone’s eyes in their profile picture or any other image. This symbol is often used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts to show their support and belief in the future of Bitcoin. The laser eyes are seen as a metaphorical representation of the person’s vision and commitment to the success of the digital currency.

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The origin of the laser eyes symbol can be traced back to early 2021 when it started gaining traction on social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit. As the Bitcoin community rallied behind this symbol, it quickly became a widely recognized sign of solidarity among its members. Countless individuals, including prominent figures in the cryptocurrency space, adopted the laser eyes profile picture to show their support for Bitcoin and contribute to the growing movement.

President Biden’s indication of support for Bitcoin?

While President Biden’s social media team’s decision to post a picture with laser eyes certainly caused confusion, it is essential to clarify Biden’s stance on Bitcoin. As of now, there is no official statement from President Biden explicitly endorsing or supporting Bitcoin. Therefore, it is best to approach this social media post as a lighthearted reference to the meme culture surrounding the cryptocurrency community.

Understanding the intention behind the social media post requires taking into account the broader context. President Biden’s team may have decided to embrace cryptocurrency aesthetics as a way to connect with younger crowds or demonstrate an openness to new technologies. However, without an official statement from President Biden himself, it is challenging to confirm the exact motive behind the social media team’s decision.

The meme ‘Dark Brandon’

To fully comprehend the significance of the social media post featuring President Biden with laser eyes, it is crucial to explore the origin and popularity of the meme called “Dark Brandon.” This meme revolves around portraying President Biden as a superhero known as “Dark Brandon.” In this alternative persona, Biden is depicted as a powerful and formidable force, often embraced by his supporters and used as a form of satirical commentary.

The meme appears to have originated as a response to a right-wing conspiracy theory that falsely claimed President Biden’s inauguration was staged, and he was actually an imposter. As a way to mock and debunk this baseless theory, supporters of President Biden began using the “Dark Brandon” meme to assert his legitimacy and portray him as someone capable of overcoming such ludicrous accusations.

The “Dark Brandon” meme quickly gained popularity within online communities, and its usage expanded beyond the initial response to conspiracy theories. It became a way for supporters of President Biden and meme enthusiasts to express their admiration and support for his policies while injecting a sense of humor and satire into the political discourse.

Confusion and excitement among crypto enthusiasts

When President Biden’s social media team posted the picture with laser eyes, it initially triggered excitement among crypto enthusiasts. The surge of Bitcoin’s recent price and its growing acceptance in mainstream finance made the idea of President Biden endorsing the cryptocurrency seem plausible. Supporters of Bitcoin saw this as a significant step towards wider adoption and legitimacy for the digital asset.

However, as the confusion surrounding the social media post was clarified, the excitement among crypto enthusiasts dissipated. It became evident that the use of laser eyes in the picture was more closely connected to the “Dark Brandon” meme rather than an indication of President Biden’s support for Bitcoin. This realization served as a reminder that interpreting social media posts should be approached with caution, and it is best to rely on authentic statements from individuals to confirm their positions.

The impact on Bitcoin’s price following this confusion was minimal. While there may have been a temporary uptick in trading activity, the overall market sentiment remained largely unaffected. The cryptocurrency industry has become accustomed to fluctuations and misinformation, and investors have learned to navigate such situations with a level-headed approach.

Unclear motive behind Biden’s social media team’s decision

The decision of President Biden’s social media team to incorporate cryptocurrency aesthetics into their posts raises questions about the motive behind this move. Speculating on their reasons, one possibility is that they wanted to tap into the enthusiasm and energy surrounding cryptocurrencies. By adopting elements associated with Bitcoin, they may have intended to create a sense of connection with the younger generation and showcase their understanding of emerging technologies.

Another potential motive for the use of cryptocurrency aesthetics could be garnering attention and generating buzz around President Biden’s social media presence. Considering the competitive nature of online platforms, standing out and capturing the interest of users can be essential in expanding one’s reach and influence. By integrating trending symbols associated with cryptocurrency, the social media team may have aimed to leverage this popularity and engage with a wider audience.

It is worth noting that President Biden’s administration has expressed interest in exploring the potential of blockchain technology and digital currencies. While this does not directly translate to endorsement or support for Bitcoin specifically, it suggests an openness to innovation and an understanding of the relevance of cryptocurrencies in today’s financial landscape.

The power and risks of social media in politics

The inclusion of the laser eyes symbol in President Biden’s social media post highlights the influence and impact of social media in politics. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become integral tools for communication, engagement, and dissemination of information in the political realm. However, this reliance on social media also presents potential risks and challenges.


One of the main consequences of utilizing social media for political communication is the risk of miscommunication or confusion. Even with a professional team managing social media accounts, posts can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. In the case of President Biden’s laser eyes picture, the confusion surrounding its meaning serves as a prime example of how messages can be misconstrued, leading to unnecessary speculation and false assumptions.

Numerous instances in recent years have demonstrated the potential pitfalls of using social media platforms in politics. From accidental typos and misleading information to malicious misinformation campaigns, the consequences can range from reputational harm to broader societal ramifications. The responsibility falls on political leaders, their teams, and the social media platforms themselves to ensure that information shared is accurate, transparent, and in alignment with their intended message.

The ‘laser eyes’ meme and its wider usage

Apart from President Biden’s social media post, the “laser eyes” meme has been embraced by various elected officials and corporations to express support for Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general. This meme has become a popular way for public figures to showcase their alignment with the values and ethos of the cryptocurrency community.

By incorporating the “laser eyes” symbol into their profile pictures or publicly sharing images featuring this symbol, elected officials and company executives can tap into the growing interest and enthusiasm surrounding cryptocurrencies. This gesture is seen as a way to resonate with a specific demographic and signal a willingness to engage in discussions related to the future of finance and blockchain technology.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that the usage of the “laser eyes” meme by public figures comes with its own set of implications. While some may perceive it as a lighthearted and relatable gesture, others may view it as an attempt to co-opt an emerging movement for personal or political gain. Like any use of symbols or cultural references, it is essential for public figures to consider the wider context and potential interpretations of their actions.

CoinDesk and its role in the cryptocurrency industry

In the world of cryptocurrency, CoinDesk has established itself as a prominent media outlet providing news and information on cryptocurrencies and digital assets. With a focus on delivering real-time market analysis, breaking news, and expert opinions, their coverage has become a valuable resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Given CoinDesk’s position in the industry, it is unsurprising that they covered the incident surrounding President Biden’s social media post with laser eyes. Their role as a reputable source of information ensures that their audience receives timely updates and analysis on relevant events and trends, including those involving influential figures like President Biden. By providing thorough coverage of such incidents, CoinDesk contributes to the transparency and understanding of the cryptocurrency industry.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to evolve, media outlets like CoinDesk will play a crucial role in shaping public perception, informing decision-making, and facilitating valuable discussions. Their commitment to providing accurate, unbiased, and comprehensive coverage enables individuals and organizations to stay informed and navigate the complex landscape of cryptocurrencies with confidence.

In conclusion, President Biden’s social media team’s inclusion of the laser eyes symbol in their picture sparked confusion and excitement among crypto enthusiasts. While it does not indicate an official endorsement of Bitcoin, it served as a reference to the “Dark Brandon” meme and showcased the growing influence of cryptocurrency culture. The incident also highlights the power and risks of social media in politics, emphasizing the importance of clear and transparent communication. The wider usage of the “laser eyes” meme by public figures underscores the significance of symbols and gestures in shaping public perception. CoinDesk’s coverage of the incident further demonstrates their role as a trusted source of information in the cryptocurrency industry. As the world becomes more interconnected through social media, understanding and navigating these dynamics will continue to be essential for politicians, public figures, and individuals alike.


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