Reunit Wallet Launches Reward Program

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Reunit Wallet has recently announced the launch of a new reward program aimed at boosting trading activity on its platform and attracting new users. The omnichain wallet, built on technology developed by LayerZero and Stargate Finance, will offer users the opportunity to earn 1 REUNI token for every $100 in generated volume. Additionally, a 25% bonus will be awarded to users who use a referral code when participating in the program. These bonuses also extend to users who share their referral codes, providing them with a 25% bonus on the rewards earned by their referred traders. In the near future, Reunit Wallet plans to introduce a staking feature for REUNI tokens, allowing participants to earn 50% of the fees generated from transactions made through the wallet. With its comprehensive offerings and focus on user rewards, Reunit Wallet is poised to revolutionize the cryptocurrency trading experience.

Reunit Wallet Launches Reward Program

Reunit Wallet Launches Reward Program


Reunit Wallet, an omnichain wallet built on technology developed by LayerZero & Stargate Finance, has announced the launch of its volume-based reward program. The aim of this program is to incentivize trading activity on the integrated platform and attract new users.

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Reward System Implementation

Starting immediately, users of Reunit Wallet will receive 1 REUNI token for every $100 in generated trading volume. This provides traders with an additional benefit for actively using the platform. In addition to the volume-based rewards, users can also take advantage of a 25% bonus if they use a referral code when signing up.

Volume-based Rewards

The volume-based rewards offered by Reunit Wallet provide users with a tangible benefit for their trading activity. By offering 1 REUNI token for every $100 in generated volume, Reunit Wallet incentivizes users to engage in more trades and increase their overall trading volume. This allows traders to accumulate REUNI tokens, which can be used for various purposes within the Reunit Wallet ecosystem.

Referral Code Bonus

One of the key features of the Reunit Wallet reward program is the referral code bonus. When a user signs up for Reunit Wallet using a referral code, they will receive a 25% bonus on the rewards they earn through the volume-based reward program. This bonus provides an extra incentive for users to invite their friends and contacts to join Reunit Wallet, as both the referrer and the referee can benefit from the referral code bonus.

Reunit Wallet Launches Reward Program

Share Referral Code Bonus

In addition to the referral code bonus, Reunit Wallet offers users the opportunity to earn a 25% bonus on the rewards generated by traders they have referred. By sharing their referral code with others, users can not only benefit from the volume-based rewards themselves but also earn additional rewards based on the trading activity of their referrals. This encourages users to actively promote Reunit Wallet and expand its user base.

Staking Feature Introduction

Reunit Wallet has plans to introduce a staking feature for its native REUNI tokens. Through staking, users will be able to lock up their REUNI tokens for a designated period of time in exchange for rewards. This feature provides users with another way to earn rewards and benefit from their holdings of REUNI tokens.

Staking Program Benefits

Participants in the staking program will receive 50% of the fees generated from transactions made through Reunit Wallet. This provides stakers with a passive income stream, as they can earn rewards from the trading activity of other users on the platform. The staking program is expected to be a popular feature among Reunit Wallet users who are looking to maximize their earnings from their REUNI token holdings.

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About Reunit Wallet

Reunit Wallet was created by a former core-team member of Sushiswap and is the first natively omnichain wallet that enables seamless batch transfers across multiple blockchains with a single click. It also offers an integrated trading terminal supporting limit and market orders, providing a comprehensive and seamless trading experience. The wallet prioritizes security and conducts a comprehensive simulation of each transaction and signature to ensure the integrity and safety of user transactions.

Security and Transaction Simulation

Reunit Wallet places a paramount priority on security. To ensure the safety of user transactions, the wallet conducts a comprehensive simulation of each transaction and signature. By doing so, users are able to anticipate the outcomes of their transactions, including token transfer confirmations or the granting of necessary permissions. This simulation process provides users with peace of mind and enhances the overall security of the wallet.

Contact Information

For any further inquiries or information, please contact:

In conclusion, Reunit Wallet’s reward program offers users the chance to earn valuable rewards for their trading activity. With volume-based rewards, referral code bonuses, and a forthcoming staking feature, users have multiple avenues to maximize their gains through the use of Reunit Wallet. As a leading omnichain wallet, Reunit Wallet prioritizes security and provides users with a seamless and comprehensive trading experience. For more information about Reunit Wallet and its offerings, please visit their website and follow them on Twitter.


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