Revance Therapeutics Inc. Achieves Milestones in 2023 with DAXXIFY Launch and FDA Approval for Cervical Dystonia

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Revance Therapeutics Inc. had an exceptional year in 2023, marked by significant achievements and exciting prospects for the future. During their Q4 earnings call, the company proudly announced the launch of their revolutionary product, DAXXIFY, in the aesthetics market, as well as the much-anticipated FDA approval for the treatment of cervical dystonia. These milestones were accompanied by impressive financial results, with a record-breaking $213 million in product revenue, reflecting an 80% year-over-year increase. Revance Therapeutics Inc. also boasts a healthy financial position, with $254 million in cash, cash equivalents, and short-term investments at the end of the year. The success of DAXXIFY surpassed all expectations, with sales surpassing those of the last three renowned neuromodulators within the same launch time frame. With over 3,000 DAXXIFY accounts established, the company aims to deepen product adoption amongst their existing customer base. Additionally, the RHA Collection continues to be the fastest-growing HA filler in the U.S., maintaining a 10% market share. Revance Therapeutics Inc. plans to drive growth for both DAXXIFY and RHA through new account activation and deeper penetration. The approval of DAXXIFY for cervical dystonia offers a remarkable opportunity within the therapeutics field and has the potential to disrupt the current treatment landscape with its efficacy, long duration, favorable safety profile, and attractive pricing. To ensure optimal treatment outcomes and seamless integration into medical practices, the company has launched the CD PrevU program. Further strengthening their position, 25 of the top 30 insurance plans already cover DAXXIFY, and with the permanent J-code received in early January, Revance Therapeutics Inc. is set for a targeted commercial launch in the middle of the year.

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Milestone Achievements in 2023

Revance Therapeutics Inc. achieved several significant milestones in 2023, making it a standout year for the company. Two notable achievements were the launch of DAXXIFY in aesthetics and FDA approval for the treatment of cervical dystonia. These milestones demonstrate Revance’s commitment to innovation and the development of groundbreaking therapies.

Launch of DAXXIFY in Aesthetics

One of the major highlights of 2023 for Revance was the successful launch of DAXXIFY in the field of aesthetics. DAXXIFY, a neuromodulator, was introduced into the market and quickly gained traction among healthcare professionals and patients. The product’s unique formulation and advanced technology set it apart from competitors, leading to its rapid adoption.

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FDA Approval for Cervical Dystonia

Revance also celebrated a significant achievement with the FDA approval of DAXXIFY for the treatment of cervical dystonia. Cervical dystonia is a debilitating neurological disorder characterized by involuntary muscle contractions in the neck. The approval of DAXXIFY provides a new and effective treatment option for patients suffering from this condition.

Financial Performance

Alongside these milestone achievements, Revance Therapeutics Inc. witnessed impressive financial performance in 2023. The company’s record product revenue and strong financial position reflect the success of its products and the demand for its innovative therapies.

Record Product Revenue

Revance reported a remarkable 80% year-over-year increase in product revenue, reaching a record-high of $213 million. This impressive growth can be attributed to the successful market launches of DAXXIFY and other products, as well as the continued support from healthcare professionals and patients.

Cash and Investments

At the end of the year, Revance had a solid financial foundation with $254 million in cash, cash equivalents, and short-term investments. This robust cash position provides the company with the necessary resources to invest in research and development, marketing initiatives, and future growth opportunities.

Success of DAXXIFY

Revance’s DAXXIFY proved to be a resounding success in 2023, surpassing expectations and outperforming its competitors in the neuromodulators market.

Exceeded Sales of Last 3 Neuromodulators

DAXXIFY’s sales exceeded the combined sales of the last three neuromodulators launched within the same timeframe. This achievement demonstrates the strong market demand for DAXXIFY and the value it provides to both healthcare professionals and patients.


Focus on Existing Customers

Revance’s strategy of focusing on existing customers played a crucial role in the success of DAXXIFY. The company prioritized building strong relationships with healthcare professionals, ensuring they had the necessary knowledge and support to integrate DAXXIFY into their practices. This approach resulted in over 3,000 DAXXIFY accounts by the end of the year, further solidifying Revance’s market presence and customer loyalty.

Growth of RHA Collection

Revance’s RHA Collection, a line of hyaluronic acid fillers, continues to experience remarkable growth and market share expansion.

Fastest-Growing HA Filler

The RHA Collection maintained its position as the fastest-growing hyaluronic acid filler in the U.S., showcasing a 10% market share. This achievement highlights the efficacy and popularity of the RHA Collection among healthcare professionals and patients seeking safe and effective dermal filler options.

Market Share Expansion

Revance remains committed to expanding the market share of its RHA Collection. Through targeted strategies such as new account activation and deeper penetration into existing accounts, Revance aims to drive further growth and establish itself as a leader in the dermal filler market.

Strategies for Growth

Revance Therapeutics Inc. has identified key strategies to drive growth and expand its market presence in the coming years.

New Account Activation

Revance seeks to activate new accounts by reaching out to healthcare professionals who have yet to incorporate its innovative products into their practices. By targeting these untapped opportunities, Revance can introduce its therapies to a broader audience and increase its customer base.

Deeper Penetration

In addition to acquiring new accounts, Revance recognizes the importance of deeper penetration within existing accounts. By providing ongoing support, training, and educational resources to healthcare professionals, Revance aims to encourage the adoption and consistent use of its products. This approach not only strengthens relationships with existing customers but also maximizes the potential of Revance’s therapies.

Significant Opportunity in Therapeutics

Revance Therapeutics Inc. is well-positioned to capitalize on a significant opportunity in the therapeutics market.

FDA Approval for Cervical Dystonia

The FDA approval of DAXXIFY for the treatment of cervical dystonia presents a substantial opportunity for Revance. Cervical dystonia is a challenging condition for patients, and the approval of DAXXIFY offers a safe and effective treatment option. Revance’s entry into the therapeutics market has the potential to greatly improve the lives of individuals suffering from this debilitating disorder.

Potential Disruption with DAXXIFY

DAXXIFY’s efficacy, long duration, favorable safety profile, and attractive pricing make it a potential disruptor in the current cervical dystonia treatment landscape. This innovative therapy has the ability to replace or complement existing treatments and significantly enhance patient outcomes. Revance is poised to lead the way in revolutionizing the field of cervical dystonia treatment.

CD PrevU Program

Revance is dedicated to optimizing treatment outcomes and ensuring smooth practice integration with the launch of the CD PrevU program.

Optimizing Treatment Outcomes

The CD PrevU program focuses on optimizing treatment outcomes for patients with cervical dystonia. This comprehensive initiative includes educational resources, training, and support to healthcare professionals to ensure that DAXXIFY is used effectively and efficiently. By providing these tools, Revance aims to enhance the quality of patient care and the overall treatment experience.

Practice Integration

Revance understands the importance of seamless practice integration when introducing new therapies. The CD PrevU program assists healthcare professionals in implementing DAXXIFY into their practices smoothly. Through training programs, support materials, and ongoing guidance, Revance ensures that healthcare professionals are equipped to provide the highest level of care to their patients.

Payer Coverage

Revance has made significant progress in securing payer coverage for its innovative therapies.

Progress in Securing Coverage

Revance has successfully secured coverage with 25 of the top 30 plans for DAXXIFY. This achievement demonstrates recognition and acceptance of the therapeutic benefits and value of Revance’s products in the healthcare industry. The growing support from payers ensures that patients have broader access to Revance’s therapies, improving treatment options and outcomes.

Top Plans Covering DAXXIFY

Revance’s diligent efforts have resulted in top plans providing coverage for DAXXIFY. This coverage enables more patients to benefit from the innovative therapy, making it accessible to a wider population. Revance continues to work towards expanding payer coverage to ensure even greater patient access to its life-changing treatments.

Targeted Commercial Launch

Revance has planned a targeted commercial launch for its therapies to maximize their impact and reach in the market.

Midyear Launch

The commercial launch of Revance’s therapies is scheduled for the midyear. This strategic timing allows Revance to generate significant momentum and capitalize on market opportunities during a period when healthcare professionals and patients are actively seeking new treatment options.

J-code Received

In early January, Revance received a permanent J-code for its therapies. This coding system facilitates the billing and reimbursement process, making it easier for healthcare professionals to incorporate Revance’s therapies into their practices. The acquisition of the J-code enhances the commercial viability and accessibility of Revance’s innovative products.


Revance Therapeutics Inc. had a remarkable year in 2023, marked by milestone achievements, impressive financial performance, and a focus on growth and innovation. The launch of DAXXIFY in aesthetics and FDA approval for cervical dystonia demonstrated Revance’s commitment to developing groundbreaking therapies. The success of DAXXIFY and the remarkable growth of the RHA Collection further solidified Revance’s position in the market. Revance’s strategies for growth, including new account activation and deeper penetration, set the stage for continued success in the coming years. With significant opportunities in therapeutics, the CD PrevU program, and progress in securing payer coverage, Revance is well-positioned to expand its market presence and improve patient outcomes. The targeted commercial launch and the receipt of a permanent J-code further enhance Revance’s competitive edge. Overall, Revance Therapeutics Inc. has paved a path for continued success and is poised to make a lasting impact in the medical aesthetics and therapeutics industries.

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