Ripple-Owned Crypto Custody Firm Metaco’s CEO and Head of Product Depart

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The CEO and Chief Product Officer of Metaco, the cryptocurrency custody firm owned by Ripple, have departed from the company. Adrien Treccani, the CEO, and Peter DeMeo, the Chief Product Officer, left the firm following its acquisition by Ripple in May 2023. A spokesperson from Ripple acknowledged the contributions made by Treccani and his team in developing a leading custody business and integrating it with Ripple’s operations. The departure of the Metaco executives comes as the firm had established itself as a favored partner for European banks seeking custody solutions for digital assets. However, there have been reports that some banks may be re-evaluating their relationship with Metaco following the acquisition.

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This article discusses the recent departure of the CEO and Head of Product at Metaco, a crypto custody firm that was acquired by Ripple. It explores the confirmation of their departure, expresses appreciation for their contributions, and emphasizes the importance of custody for Ripple’s business. The article also provides background information on Metaco and its role as a partner for European banks. It delves into the impact of the departures on Metaco’s bank partnerships, particularly reports of banks re-evaluating their relationship with the firm. The article highlights the partnership between Metaco and HSBC as an example. It examines the reasons for the departure, discusses the future leadership of Metaco, and highlights Ripple’s growth and focus on enterprise crypto solutions. Finally, it addresses potential challenges for Metaco and provides expert opinions on the departure.

Departure of Metaco’s CEO and Head of Product

Confirmation of Departure

Metaco’s CEO, Adrien Treccani, and Chief Product Officer, Peter DeMeo, have officially left the company. A spokesperson from Ripple confirmed their departure and expressed appreciation for their contributions to the firm. The spokesperson acknowledged the strong and industry-leading custody business that Treccani and his team built, as well as his leadership in integrating the custody team and solution with Ripple following the acquisition. The confirmation of their departure solidifies the news that has been circulating in the industry.

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Appreciation for Their Contributions

Treccani and DeMeo played significant roles in the success of Metaco as a leading crypto custody firm. Their expertise and leadership were instrumental in building a robust custody business and establishing Metaco as a trusted partner for European banks. Their contributions have undoubtedly contributed to the growth and development of the company and have positioned Metaco as a key player in the crypto industry.

Importance of Custody for Ripple’s Business

The departure of Metaco’s CEO and Head of Product highlights the critical role that custody plays in Ripple’s business strategy. As Ripple continues to provide best-in-class enterprise crypto solutions for its customers worldwide, custody remains integral to their operations. The custody of digital assets ensures the security and safekeeping of these assets, enabling businesses and individuals to confidently engage in the crypto space. Ripple recognizes the significance of custody and will continue to prioritize it as an essential aspect of their business.

Background on Metaco and Ripple

Metaco’s Acquisition by Ripple

Metaco was acquired by Ripple in May 2023, marking a significant milestone for both companies. The acquisition allowed Ripple to expand its offerings and provide enhanced crypto custody solutions to its customers. Metaco brought its expertise in custody services and its established presence within the European banking sector. The acquisition solidified Ripple’s position as a leader in the enterprise crypto solutions market and paved the way for future collaborations and innovations.

Metaco as a Partner for European Banks

Before being acquired by Ripple, Metaco had gained a reputation as a preferred partner for European banks seeking assistance with the custody of digital assets. The company’s expertise in providing secure and reliable custody solutions made it an attractive choice for banks looking to navigate the complexities of the crypto space. Metaco’s partnership with European banks, including HSBC, showcased its ability to meet the unique needs of financial institutions and establish mutually beneficial relationships.

Impact on Metaco’s Bank Partnerships

Reports of Banks Re-evaluating Relationship

Following the acquisition by Ripple, there have been reports of banks re-evaluating their relationship with Metaco. The departure of the CEO and Head of Product may have created uncertainty and raised questions among Metaco’s bank partners. Banks rely on stable and consistent leadership within their service providers to ensure continuity and trust. The departure may have prompted banks to review their partnerships and assess the potential impact on their business operations.

HSBC Partnership

One notable partnership that Metaco had secured is with HSBC, one of Europe’s largest banks. This partnership demonstrated the trust and confidence that banks placed in Metaco’s custody services. However, with the recent departures, it is unclear how this partnership will be affected. HSBC and other banks that have partnered with Metaco may be closely monitoring the situation and evaluating their continued collaboration with the firm.


Reasons for Departure

The specific reasons for the departure of Metaco’s CEO and Head of Product have not been disclosed. While their exit may be seen as a setback for the company, it is important to note that leadership changes are not uncommon in the business world. Individuals may choose to pursue new opportunities or face personal circumstances that necessitate a change in their professional roles. It is crucial not to jump to conclusions or make assumptions without sufficient information.

Future Leadership of Metaco

Following the departure of the CEO and Head of Product, the future leadership of Metaco is uncertain. The company will need to identify suitable candidates who possess the necessary skills and experience to lead the firm in its next phase of growth. The search for new leadership is crucial to ensure a smooth transition and maintain the trust of Metaco’s bank partners and clients. The selection process should prioritize individuals who can effectively steer the company and uphold its commitment to providing top-tier custody services.

Ripple’s Growth and Focus on Enterprise Crypto Solutions

While the departure of Metaco’s CEO and Head of Product may present some challenges, it is essential to recognize the broader context of Ripple’s growth and focus on enterprise crypto solutions. Ripple has emerged as a leader in the crypto industry, with a strong emphasis on providing comprehensive solutions for businesses and institutions. With its acquisition of Metaco, Ripple has further expanded its capabilities and offerings in the custody space, positioning itself as a trusted partner for enterprises seeking secure and reliable crypto custody services. Ripple’s commitment to innovation and its dedicated focus on meeting the needs of its customers are likely to drive its continued growth and success.

Potential Challenges for Metaco

The departure of key executives can present challenges for any organization, including Metaco. Leadership changes can disrupt the existing management structure and create uncertainty among employees and stakeholders. Additionally, the departure may impact the trust and confidence that bank partners and clients have in Metaco. The company will need to address these potential challenges by swiftly appointing new leadership and effectively communicating its strategy and plans for the future. Open and transparent communication will be crucial in maintaining strong relationships with bank partners and reassuring clients of Metaco’s stability and continued commitment to providing excellent custody services.

Expert Opinions on the Departure

Experts in the crypto industry have offered their insights and opinions on the departure of Metaco’s CEO and Head of Product. While some experts view the departures as a significant loss for the company, others believe that leadership changes can present opportunities for growth and innovation. The consensus among experts is that the future success of Metaco will depend on its ability to navigate the transition effectively, appoint capable new leadership, and maintain strong relationships with its bank partners and clients. The industry will closely watch how Metaco handles this pivotal moment and adapts to the changing landscape.


The departure of Metaco’s CEO and Head of Product has raised questions about the future direction of the company. While uncertainties exist, it is crucial to maintain a balanced perspective and recognize the broader context of Ripple’s growth and focus on enterprise crypto solutions. Metaco’s bank partnerships may face challenges, but with effective leadership and transparent communication, the company can navigate these obstacles and continue to provide best-in-class custody services. The industry will be watching closely as new leadership is appointed and the company moves forward in its mission to drive the adoption of digital assets in the financial sector.

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