Rising above competition: Q&A with Tom Cichocki, Founder & CEO at Revived Overworld & FYE Game Studios

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Rising above competition: Q&A with Tom Cichocki, Founder & CEO at Revived Overworld & FYE Game Studios. Tom Cichoki, founder and CEO of Revived Overworld, is revolutionizing the gaming industry by creating a Web3 gaming ecosystem that allows players to craft their dream games effortlessly. From building Minecraft servers to organizing esports tournaments, Tom’s journey has led to the development of Strifest, a competitive game mode with top-quality graphics on Unreal Engine 5. With a focus on empowering players through no-code game creation tools and a marketplace for assets, Revived Overworld stands out in the gaming landscape. Stay tuned for their upcoming token launch and dive into the world of immersive gaming experiences.

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Rising Above Competition: Q&A with Tom Cichocki, Founder & CEO at Revived Overworld & FYE Game Studios

Tom Cichoki, founder and CEO of Revived Overworld, started gaming early by building Minecraft servers. Now, he’s building a Minecraft-inspired Web3 gaming ecosystem that allows players to build their dream games without writing a single line of code. We sat down with Tom to learn about his experiences, his project’s goals, and their upcoming token launch.

Rising above competition: QA with Tom Cichocki, Founder  CEO at Revived Overworld  FYE Game Studios

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About Tom Cichocki and Revived Overworld

Hello Tom, please tell us briefly about yourself and the experiences that inspired Revived Overworld.

Gaming has always been a significant part of Tom’s life. From building his first Minecraft server to hosting a physical Minecraft tournament with thousands of participants, his journey has been intertwined with gaming and competition. The inspiration behind Revived Overworld came from his desire to bring high-quality, competitive gameplay to the Minecraft platform.

Revived Overworld is an Ecosystem. Walk us Through the Various Features of the Platform.

Revived Overworld is an ecosystem that offers a variety of tools for users to create their games and experiences. These tools include a No-Code Game Maker, Asset Creator, Marketplace, and Realms. The platform aims to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for players to unleash their creativity and build unique games without the need for coding skills.

Rising above competition: QA with Tom Cichocki, Founder  CEO at Revived Overworld  FYE Game Studios

What Web3 Features are You Incorporating in the Game, and Why Did You Choose That Route?

While initially not planning to incorporate Web3 features, the team at Revived Overworld saw the need for true ownership of in-game items and a secure marketplace. This led to the utilization of blockchain technology, Web3, and NFTs to enable players to have complete control over their virtual assets. By embracing these technologies, the platform aims to enhance user value and create a sustainable ecosystem for players.

Gaming Economics and Competition

Tell us about the gaming economics. You have an upcoming token launch.


The gaming economy of Revived Overworld revolves around in-game currency, NFT sales, and marketplace transactions. The upcoming token launch will play a pivotal role in the ecosystem, providing liquidity and enabling various economic activities within the platform. Token holders will have the opportunity to stake their tokens, participate in governance decisions, and shape the future of the game and the platform.

Rising above competition: QA with Tom Cichocki, Founder  CEO at Revived Overworld  FYE Game Studios

How do You Address Lag, Frame Rate Drops, or Crashes? Also, What are the Minimum Hardware Requirements for Playing?

Ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience is a top priority for Revived Overworld. By utilizing Unreal Engine 5 and conducting regular performance testing and optimization, the platform aims to minimize issues such as lag, frame rate drops, and crashes. Adaptive graphics settings allow players to customize their gaming experience based on their hardware capabilities. While minimum hardware requirements are yet to be defined, partnerships with cloud gaming platforms are in the works to accommodate players with varying devices.

Who are Your Competitors in the Space, and How Does Revived Overworld Stand Out?

Revived Overworld’s competitors include platforms like Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, Sandbox, and Decentraland. The platform stands out due to its focus on high-quality graphics, true ownership of in-game items, and providing a gaming experience that combines the best of Web2 and Web3 technologies. By offering unique features and emphasizing quality gaming, Revived Overworld aims to differentiate itself in the market.

Minecraft Gameplay is Known to be Welcoming and Supportive. However, it is Also Known to Harbor Toxic Behaviors like Harassment and Trolling. How Does Revived Overworld Address These Concerns?

To create a safe and supportive environment, Revived Overworld implements measures such as moderation, reporting tools, community guidelines, chat filters, behavior-tracking algorithms, and a reward system for positive behavior. The platform is dedicated to fostering a culture of respect and inclusivity by raising awareness, holding community discussions, and promoting teamwork. By actively monitoring and addressing toxic behaviors, Revived Overworld aims to provide a welcoming gaming environment for all players.

Upcoming Features/Updates

STRIFEST is an exciting game.

STRIFEST is an upcoming game from Revived Overworld that promises innovation, stunning graphics, and an engaging storyline. With a dedicated team working tirelessly on its development, STRIFEST is set to deliver an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience for players. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new addition to the Revived Overworld ecosystem.

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