Ron DeSantis misquotes Winston Churchill, ending his presidential campaign

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In a surprising turn of events, Ron DeSantis announced the end of his presidential campaign with a misquote from Winston Churchill. Using the quote, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts,” DeSantis attempted to convey his determination and resilience. However, the International Churchill Society has debunked this attribution, stating that there is no evidence of Churchill ever saying those words. This misstep raises questions about DeSantis’ attention to detail and ability to effectively communicate. As the campaign comes to a close, it remains to be seen how this misquote will impact his political future.

Ron DeSantis misquotes Winston Churchill, ending his presidential campaign

Ron DeSantis ends presidential campaign by misquoting Winston Churchill

Ron DeSantis, the Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate, has ended his campaign after misquoting famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The misquote, which DeSantis used in a campaign video, has been debunked by the International Churchill Society, leading to criticism and backlash towards DeSantis. The misquote has raised questions about DeSantis’ credibility and trustworthiness, creating doubts about his suitability for future political aspirations.

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Background information on Ron DeSantis’ campaign

Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign aimed to position him as a strong conservative candidate with a focus on preserving conservative values, advocating for smaller government, and championing economic growth and national security. DeSantis had gained popularity within the Republican Party and had been seen as a potential frontrunner in the primary race.

Throughout his campaign, DeSantis focused on key messages such as limited government intervention, lower taxes, protection of constitutional rights, and a tough stance on immigration. He also garnered support for his alignment with former President Donald Trump’s policies.

Misquote of Winston Churchill attributed to DeSantis

In a campaign video announcing the suspension of his presidential bid, DeSantis quoted Winston Churchill, saying, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” However, the International Churchill Society disputed the attribution of this quote to Churchill, stating that they could find no evidence of Churchill ever saying those words.

The misquote garnered attention and criticism, raising concerns about DeSantis’ attention to detail and accuracy in his campaign messaging. The use of a misattributed quote also undermined DeSantis’ credibility and trustworthiness as a candidate.

Response from the International Churchill Society

The International Churchill Society, an organization dedicated to preserving Churchill’s legacy, issued a statement regarding the misquote attributed to DeSantis. They highlighted their research, which found no evidence of Churchill ever making the quote in question. The society emphasized the importance of fact-checking and verifying sources before attributing quotes.

The organization’s research revealed that the misquote has been falsely attributed to Churchill for several years. They also noted that some online sources attribute the quote to Abraham Lincoln, although there is no evidence of Lincoln saying those words either. The International Churchill Society emphasized the need to dispel these fake quotes and promote accurate information about Churchill.

Debunking the misquote and attribution to Abraham Lincoln

Upon further examination, it became evident that the misquote attributed to DeSantis had no basis in reality. Comparisons were made between the misquote and actual quotes by Churchill, revealing stark differences in wording and tone. The absence of any evidence supporting Lincoln’s attribution further discredited the misquote.

The prevalence of misattributed quotes on the internet was also highlighted during the debunking process. It served as a reminder of the importance of fact-checking and critically evaluating sources, particularly in the political realm where false information can quickly spread.

Confirmation of a different quote by Winston Churchill

While the misquote used by DeSantis was debunked, a different authentic quote by Winston Churchill was confirmed. The quote, “Success always demands a greater effort,” was attributed to Churchill and held significance in understanding his leadership philosophy.

The confirmed quote shed light on Churchill’s belief in the relentless pursuit of success and the need for continuous effort and determination. The relevance of this authentic quote to DeSantis’ misquote sparked further discussions about the accuracy and integrity of campaign messaging.

No immediate response from DeSantis campaign

Despite the controversy surrounding his misquote, the DeSantis campaign did not issue an immediate response or clarification regarding the misquote’s use in the campaign video. This lack of response raised concerns about the campaign’s ability to address and rectify mistakes, potentially impacting public perception of DeSantis’ leadership capabilities.

The absence of a prompt response also fueled speculation about the campaign’s knowledge of the misquote’s inaccuracy and raised questions about their commitment to transparency and accountability.

Ron DeSantis officially ends his presidential bid

Following the controversy surrounding the misquote, Ron DeSantis officially announced the suspension of his presidential campaign, effectively ending his bid for the Republican nomination. The reasons cited for the suspension were not explicitly mentioned in the announcement, but the misquote incident likely played a significant role in the decision.


The end of DeSantis’ campaign significantly impacted the Republican primary race, as he was seen as a strong contender and alternative to other frontrunners. His exit reshaped the dynamics of the race and left supporters and party leaders searching for a new candidate to rally behind before the New Hampshire primary.

Endorsement of Donald Trump before New Hampshire primary

Just days before ending his campaign, Ron DeSantis endorsed former President Donald Trump ahead of the New Hampshire primary. The timing of the endorsement drew attention, as it closely followed the controversy surrounding DeSantis’ misquote of Churchill.

The endorsement had significant implications for Trump’s campaign and support base, as DeSantis was considered a rising star within the Republican Party. It also garnered mixed reception from Republican voters and party leaders, with some seeing it as a strategic move and others questioning DeSantis’ judgment given the recent misquote incident.

DeSantis’ misquote raises questions about his credibility

The misquote attributed to Ron DeSantis raised serious concerns about his credibility and reliability as a political candidate. Political campaigns rely on effective communication and accurate messaging to establish trust with voters, and the misquote incident cast doubt on DeSantis’ ability to uphold these standards.

The controversy surrounding the misquote damaged DeSantis’ reputation and trustworthiness, making it difficult for voters and party leaders to view him as a credible candidate for future political aspirations. The incident served as a reminder of the importance of accurate and responsible communication in both political campaigns and public life as a whole.


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