Solana’s Most-Notorious Hacker House Is Bigger Than Ever

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Solana’s most-notorious hacker house is experiencing unprecedented growth this year, with MtnDAO becoming larger and more influential than ever before. The popular community-run coworking meetup, led by host Barrett, is facing the challenge of accommodating the increasing number of participants. As the event attracts a diverse range of individuals, including NFT enthusiasts, market makers, crypto-payments experts, and decentralized governance thinkers, Barrett is making tough decisions to ensure a smooth and successful gathering. Supported by sponsorship funding from the Solana Foundation and a few representatives, MtnDAO is set to showcase the best in the Solana ecosystem while offering a staggering $150,000 in prize money to the most deserving participants. Keep an eye on CoinDesk for updates and exclusive coverage from the event.

Solana’s Most-Notorious Hacker House Is Bigger Than Ever


Solana’s hacker house, known as mtnDAO, has become a significant gathering place for the Solana community. Over the years, this event has grown in size and importance, attracting participants from various backgrounds and industries. The hacker house has gained notoriety for its focus on the Solana ecosystem, as well as the generous prize money and opportunities for startups. In this article, we will explore the growth and significance of Solana’s hacker house, highlighting the key factors that have contributed to its success.


Solana is a blockchain platform known for its high-speed and low-cost transactions. It has gained attention and popularity in the crypto community for its scalability and efficiency. As the Solana ecosystem continues to expand, so does the need for a space where Solana enthusiasts and developers can come together to collaborate, learn, and showcase their projects. This is where the hacker house comes into play.

Overview of Solana’s Hacker House

The hacker house, named mtnDAO, is a community-run coworking meetup that serves as the social center of the Solana ecosystem. It provides a space for Solana developers, market makers, NFT enthusiasts, and other crypto enthusiasts to gather, exchange ideas, and work on projects. The hacker house has become a hub for innovation and collaboration within the Solana community.

Increase in Size and Attendance

Over the years, the hacker house has witnessed a significant increase in both size and attendance. What started as a small gathering of like-minded individuals has now grown into a large-scale event that attracts participants from all over the world. In recent years, the hacker house has seen a surge in interest from various industries, including finance, technology, and blockchain. This growth reflects the increasing recognition and adoption of Solana as a viable blockchain platform.

Sponsorship and Officiality

One of the key factors contributing to the growth of the hacker house is the sponsorship and support it has received. The Solana Foundation and a handful of representatives have provided financial backing, lending an air of officiality to the event. This sponsorship has enabled the hacker house to expand its resources and offerings, creating a more robust and engaging experience for participants.

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Influence of Host Barrett

The success of the hacker house can also be attributed to its host, Barrett. As the face of the hacker house, Barrett plays a crucial role in shaping the atmosphere and direction of the event. His leadership and expertise have helped create a welcoming and inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and knowledge sharing. Barrett’s influence extends beyond the hacker house itself, as he is actively involved in the Solana community and ecosystem.

Focus on Solana Ecosystem

The hacker house’s primary focus is on the Solana ecosystem. It serves as a platform for Solana developers and startups to showcase their projects and innovations. Participants have the opportunity to network with industry professionals, gain valuable insights, and receive feedback on their work. The hacker house has played a significant role in fostering the growth and development of the Solana ecosystem, contributing to its reputation as a leading blockchain platform.

Prize Money and Startups

One of the key attractions of the hacker house is the generous prize money offered to participants. The best project presented at the hacker house is awarded a substantial cash prize, providing an incentive for startups and developers to showcase their best work. This prize money not only serves as a reward for their efforts but also helps fund further development and growth of their projects. It acts as a catalyst for innovation within the Solana ecosystem.

CoinDesk’s Coverage of mtnDAO

CoinDesk, a leading media outlet in the crypto industry, has been actively covering mtnDAO and its activities. Their coverage includes regular dispatches from the hacker house, capturing the vibrant atmosphere and showcasing the startups and projects participating in the event. CoinDesk’s coverage has helped raise awareness about mtnDAO and the Solana ecosystem, further solidifying its reputation as a prominent event within the crypto community.


Solana’s hacker house, mtnDAO, has grown in size and significance, attracting participants from various industries and backgrounds. The hacker house serves as a hub for collaboration, innovation, and networking within the Solana ecosystem. With support from the Solana Foundation, the hacker house has expanded its offerings and resources, providing a more enriching experience for participants. The generous prize money and CoinDesk’s coverage have also contributed to its success. Overall, mtnDAO continues to play a vital role in the growth and development of the Solana ecosystem, showcasing the platform’s potential and attracting top talent from the crypto industry.

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