Solana’s SOL Rallies Past $100, Continuing Torrid Month

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Solana’s native token SOL has surpassed the $100 mark, continuing its impressive rally throughout the month of December. The token has experienced a remarkable increase in value, soaring over tenfold in 2023 alone and rising over 70% in December. This surge in price has been fueled by frenzied trading activity, with Solana-based decentralized exchanges edging closer to the trading volumes of popular platforms like Uniswap. The platform’s growing popularity can also be attributed to the speculation surrounding dog-themed meme coins and the increasing number of airdrops on Solana. Despite Solana’s ascent, Ethereum remains the dominant platform for crypto trading, yet Solana’s rise has solidified its position as a major player in the market.

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Market Analysis

Who Won Crypto in 2023? The CoinDesk Market Index Broken Down in 6 Charts

In 2023, the cryptocurrency market saw significant growth and volatility. The CoinDesk Market Index analyzed the top performers and trends in the industry, providing a comprehensive overview of the winners and losers. Let’s take a closer look at the findings of the analysis through six impactful charts.

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Solana’s SOL Rallies Past $100, Continuing Torrid Month

Solana Nears $100 as Meme Coin Frenzy Continues to Drive Rally

Solana’s native token, SOL, experienced a remarkable rally in December 2023. The cryptocurrency surpassed the $100 mark, a level that had not been reached since the collapse of Terra. SOL has seen a tenfold increase in value throughout the year, with a staggering 70% surge in December alone. This surge in price can be attributed to the growing popularity of meme coins and the influx of traders exploring Solana’s decentralized exchanges and infrastructure.





Binance, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, played a crucial role in the market in 2023. Its user-friendly interface and extensive range of supported cryptocurrencies attracted a significant number of traders. On the other hand, SBFFTX, a financial instrument related to cryptocurrency, gained traction among investors seeking exposure to the crypto market. Coinbase, a renowned cryptocurrency exchange platform, made headlines by receiving approval as a Virtual Asset Services Provider in France. This development solidified Coinbase’s position as a reliable and compliant platform in the European market.


Coinbase Approved as Virtual Asset Services Provider in France

Coinbase’s approval as a Virtual Asset Services Provider in France marked a significant milestone for the platform. It further strengthened Coinbase’s credibility and expanded its operational reach in the European market. This approval from French regulators showcased Coinbase’s commitment to regulatory compliance and its ability to meet the stringent requirements of the industry.


Crypto for Advisors: The 2024 Year Ahead

Is it Really ‘Up Only’ for Bitcoin?

How NFTs Will Make a Comeback in 2024

The year ahead holds immense potential for the cryptocurrency industry, and financial advisors need to stay informed about the latest developments. The article “Crypto for Advisors: The 2024 Year Ahead” provides insights into the trends and factors that will shape the market in the coming year. Additionally, the notion of Bitcoin’s price constantly increasing, referred to as ‘Up Only’ in the industry, is questioned and analyzed. The article explores the possibilities of a shift in market dynamics and potential challenges that Bitcoin may face. Moreover, the article “How NFTs Will Make a Comeback in 2024” discusses the resurgence of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and their potential impact on the market.


Animoca-Backed Game Wallet Wars Delegates Release Decision to DAO Vote

The phenomenon of decentralized decision-making continues to gain traction in the crypto space. Animoca-Backed Game Wallet Wars utilized a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) vote to make crucial decisions about their development and operations. This approach highlights the growing importance of community involvement and democratic decision-making within the crypto industry.


SBF Trial Coverage




Policy developments influenced the cryptocurrency landscape in 2023. The SBF Trial and related coverage shed light on legal proceedings surrounding the industry. Bankruptcy cases within the cryptocurrency realm indicated the need for improved risk management and regulations. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) continued to play vital roles in overseeing the industry and ensuring investor protection.


Hashdex Names BitGo as Bitcoin ETF Custodian as Applicants Continue SEC Meetings

Nexo’s Money Laundering Investigation in Bulgaria Closed Due to Lack of Evidence: Report

SEC Blasts ‘Purportedly Decentralized’ DAOs in $1.7M Settlement with BarnBridge

SEC Chair Gary Gensler: ‘Far Too Many Frauds and Bankruptcies’

The news section highlights various significant events and regulatory developments in the cryptocurrency realm. Hashdex, a prominent player in the industry, named BitGo as the custodian for its Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). Meanwhile, a money laundering investigation involving Nexo in Bulgaria was closed due to a lack of evidence. The SEC made headlines by settling a case with BarnBridge, exposing the pitfalls of ‘purportedly decentralized’ DAOs. SEC Chair, Gary Gensler, voiced concern over the prevalence of fraud and bankruptcies in the industry, emphasizing the importance of robust regulatory measures.


Protocol Village

Token Governance




Technological advancements shaped the cryptocurrency landscape in 2023. The emergence of Protocol Village introduced innovative solutions, such as Fountain, a podcast app facilitating Bitcoin Lightning Network payments. Token governance gained attention as a crucial aspect of decentralized networks, requiring effective mechanisms to ensure transparency and community involvement. Decentralized Finance (DeFi) witnessed significant growth, revolutionizing traditional financial systems through blockchain technology. The advancements in various blockchain networks showcased their potential to reshape industries beyond cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the prevalence of hacks and security breaches served as a reminder of the importance of robust cybersecurity measures.


Protocol Village: Fountain, Podcast App With Bitcoin Lightning Network Payments, Launches Redesign

Ethereum Developers Target January for First Testnet Deployment of Next Big Upgrade, ‘Dencun’

Protocol Village: Lyra V2 Builds Custom Chain on Optimism’s OP Stack

The Protocol: Blockchain Tech Predictions for 2024, Er… Best Guesses

The news section presents significant developments in various technological aspects of the cryptocurrency industry. Protocol Village unveiled the redesign of Fountain, a podcast app enabling Bitcoin Lightning Network payments. Ethereum developers aimed for a testnet deployment of the anticipated ‘Dencun’ upgrade in January, signaling the continuous evolution of the network. Additionally, Lyra V2, a project within the Optimism ecosystem, showcased its ability to build custom chains. The article “The Protocol: Blockchain Tech Predictions for 2024, Er… Best Guesses” provides insights into potential advancements and trends in blockchain technology for the upcoming year.

In conclusion, the cryptocurrency market in 2023 witnessed significant developments and achievements across various sectors. The analysis of the CoinDesk Market Index sheds light on the winners and losers, providing valuable insights into the industry’s dynamics. With the continuous evolution of technology, increasing regulatory scrutiny, and shifting market trends, the cryptocurrency industry remains a highly dynamic and evolving space.

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