Taylor Swift’s Impact on Super Bowl Betting

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The Super Bowl is widely recognized as one of the largest betting events of the year, and this year’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers is expected to be no exception. In a recent interview with TheStreet, Mike Raffensperger, the chief commercial officer at FanDuel, discussed the anticipated betting volume for the Super Bowl, as well as some of the popular bets being placed. With over 600 different markets to choose from, including the increasingly popular first touchdown scorer market, Raffensperger highlighted the impact of the “Swifty effect,” with Travis Kelce being the number one player chosen to score the first touchdown. With these factors in play, Raffensperger confidently predicts that the Super Bowl will not only break all records in the United States, but also internationally, making it the biggest game in the history of betting.


The Super Bowl is one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year, drawing millions of viewers and capturing the attention of sports fans around the world. In addition to the game itself, the Super Bowl also holds great significance in the world of betting. The combination of the high-stakes nature of the game and the wide array of betting options available makes the Super Bowl a prime opportunity for sportsbooks to attract bettors. One company that is particularly excited about the betting potential of this year’s Super Bowl is FanDuel.

Importance of the Super Bowl in Betting

The Super Bowl has long been regarded as a major event in the world of betting. With millions of viewers tuning in to watch the game, sportsbooks have the opportunity to capitalize on the heightened interest and engagement surrounding the event. The Super Bowl attracts not only seasoned bettors but also casual fans who may only place a bet on this particular event. This influx of bettors leads to an increase in betting volume, making the Super Bowl one of the biggest betting days of the year.

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FanDuel’s Expectations for Betting Volume

FanDuel, one of the leading sportsbooks in the industry, is anticipating an unprecedented level of betting volume for this year’s Super Bowl. Mike Raffensperger, the chief commercial officer at FanDuel, expressed confidence that this game would be the biggest in the history of betting, both in the United States and globally. In fact, FanDuel experienced a surge in betting during the conference championships leading up to the Super Bowl, surpassing the betting volume of the previous year’s Super Bowl. This strong momentum has set the stage for an even larger betting turnout for the main event.

Popular Bets at Super Bowl

With over 600 different markets to choose from, FanDuel offers a wide range of betting options for the Super Bowl. One of the most popular bets among bettors is the first touchdown scorer. According to Raffensperger, the “Swifty effect” is in full swing in this market, with many bettors favoring Travis Kelce as the player most likely to score the first touchdown. This demonstrates the influence of high-profile individuals, such as Taylor Swift, on betting trends and the way they can impact the choices made by bettors.

Number of Markets Offered by FanDuel

FanDuel stands out among other sportsbooks in America by offering over 600 different markets for the Super Bowl. This extensive selection allows bettors to choose from a wide variety of options, ranging from traditional bets like moneyline and point spread, to more exotic bets like the color of the Gatorade shower and the length of the National Anthem. By providing such a diverse range of markets, FanDuel ensures that bettors have ample opportunities to find bets that align with their preferences and betting strategies.

The Swifty Effect on Betting

The “Swifty effect” refers to the influence of Taylor Swift, a highly popular and influential figure in the entertainment world, on various aspects of culture, including betting trends. In the context of the Super Bowl, the Swifty effect can be observed in the first touchdown scorer market, where Travis Kelce, a player often associated with Swift, is favored by many bettors. This phenomenon showcases the impact that celebrities can have on betting behavior, as their preferences and associations can shape the choices made by bettors.

Travis Kelce as Favorite to Score First Touchdown

Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, has emerged as the favorite among bettors to score the first touchdown in this year’s Super Bowl. Kelce’s strong performance throughout the season and his connection with Taylor Swift have likely contributed to his popularity in the betting market. Bettors see him as a reliable and potentially game-changing player who has a high likelihood of making a significant impact early in the game. This perception has propelled Kelce to the top of the list of potential first touchdown scorers, further highlighting the effects of the Swifty effect on betting.

Other Factors Affecting Super Bowl Betting

While the Swifty effect and the popularity of certain players undoubtedly play a role in Super Bowl betting, there are other factors that can also impact betting behavior. These factors include team performance, injuries, weather conditions, and even superstitions. Bettors often take into account a wide range of information before placing their bets, including team statistics, player matchups, and historical data. By considering these factors, bettors aim to make informed decisions that give them the best chance of success.

Global Impact of Super Bowl Betting

The influence of the Super Bowl extends far beyond the borders of the United States. With millions of international viewers and a growing global interest in American football, the Super Bowl has become an event of international significance. This global appeal translates into increased betting activity from bettors around the world. As FanDuel prepares for the “biggest game in the history of betting,” they anticipate a surge in betting not only from American bettors but from a global audience eager to participate in the excitement and wager on the outcome of the game.


The Super Bowl represents a monumental event in the world of betting, drawing immense interest and engagement from sports fans and bettors worldwide. FanDuel, a leading sportsbook, expects this year’s Super Bowl to break all records in terms of betting volume. With over 600 different markets offered, FanDuel provides a diverse array of betting options to cater to the preferences of diverse bettors. The Swifty effect, as showcased by Travis Kelce’s popularity in the first touchdown scorer market, exemplifies the influence of celebrities on betting trends. Alongside other factors such as team performance and player statistics, these influences shape the decisions of bettors and contribute to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of Super Bowl betting. The global impact of Super Bowl betting further underscores the significance of this event as enthusiasts from around the world eagerly participate in the excitement and anticipation surrounding the game.


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