UiPath’s Successful Partnerships and Customer Success Stories

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UiPath Inc.’s Q4 2024 earnings call on March 13, 2024, unveiled impressive financial achievements that surpassed expectations in various metrics. With a remarkable 31% year-over-year increase, the company reported record quarterly revenue of $405 million. Furthermore, UiPath’s net new ARR for the fourth quarter reached an impressive $86 million, amounting to a total ARR of $1.46 billion—an outstanding 22% year-over-year growth. Notably, their non-GAAP operating margin for the quarter climbed to a record-breaking 27%, resulting in an 18% non-GAAP operating margin for the fiscal year, an impressive 1,100 basis points increase year-over-year. UiPath’s strategic commitment to AI-driven automation has sparked successful partnerships with industry giants such as SAP and Deloitte, alongside numerous customer success stories across diverse sectors. The company’s unique document understanding approach has been well-received, with intelligent document processing included in 65 of their top 100 deals. UiPath sets its sights on expanding platform capabilities and further investing in the partner ecosystem as it moves into 2025, fueled by the success of their growth products, including intelligence document processing and Test Suites, which continue to optimize their business automation platform.

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Partnerships with SAP

UiPath Inc. has established strong partnerships with leading companies, such as SAP, to drive innovation and deliver exceptional value to customers. By collaborating with SAP, UiPath leverages the strengths of both organizations to enhance their offerings and meet the evolving needs of businesses across industries. This partnership enables customers to leverage the power of UiPath’s automation platform within the SAP ecosystem, streamlining processes and driving efficiency.

Partnerships with Deloitte

UiPath’s collaboration with Deloitte has been instrumental in delivering transformative solutions to clients. The partnership combines UiPath’s advanced automation capabilities with Deloitte’s deep industry expertise and consulting services. Through this collaboration, UiPath and Deloitte address complex business challenges and deliver results that exceed client expectations. By leveraging the synergies between the two organizations, UiPath and Deloitte empower businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals.

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Customer Success Stories

Success story in healthcare industry

UiPath has a compelling success story in the healthcare industry, where its automation platform has revolutionized operations and improved patient care. By automating time-consuming and manual tasks, healthcare providers have been able to redirect their resources towards patient-centric activities. From streamlining administrative processes to enabling better data management, UiPath’s automation solutions have transformed the healthcare industry, delivering tangible results and improving overall efficiency.

Success story in finance industry

In the finance industry, UiPath has enabled organizations to streamline their financial processes, reduce costs, and increase accuracy. By automating tasks such as invoice processing, reconciliations, and regulatory compliance, finance professionals can focus on value-added activities that drive growth and innovation. UiPath’s automation platform has empowered finance teams to optimize operations, minimize errors, and enhance decision-making capabilities, ultimately leading to improved financial performance.

Success story in retail industry

UiPath’s automation solutions have also made a significant impact in the retail industry, where maximizing operational efficiency is crucial for success. By automating manual tasks across the retail value chain, organizations can streamline supply chain management, inventory control, and customer service processes. This allows retailers to deliver exceptional customer experiences, optimize inventory management, and drive sales growth. UiPath’s automation platform has empowered retailers to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace.

Record Quarterly Revenue

Q4 2024 revenue of $405 million

UiPath Inc. achieved remarkable financial results in the fourth quarter of 2024, reporting record quarterly revenue of $405 million. This represents a substantial increase of 31% compared to the previous year. The company’s strong performance underscores the value and demand for its automation solutions, as businesses across industries increasingly realize the benefits of implementing UiPath’s platform.

31% increase YoY

The record quarterly revenue of $405 million translates to a commendable 31% increase Year over Year (YoY). This remarkable growth reflects UiPath’s commitment to driving innovation and delivering exceptional value to its customers. By consistently exceeding expectations, UiPath has solidified its position as a leading provider of automation solutions and continues to experience significant growth in the market.

Net New ARR

Q4 2024 net new ARR of $86 million

UiPath Inc. reported an impressive net new Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $86 million in the fourth quarter of 2024. This metric reflects the company’s ability to attract new customers and expand its customer base. The net new ARR serves as a key indicator of UiPath’s continued market success and the growing recognition of its powerful automation platform.


Total ARR of $1.46 billion

UiPath’s total ARR reached an impressive milestone of $1.46 billion, demonstrating the company’s sustained growth and market leadership. This substantial figure showcases the trust and confidence placed by organizations in UiPath’s automation solutions to drive digital transformation and enhance operational efficiency. As UiPath’s customer base continues to expand, the company is well-positioned to capture further market opportunities and drive continued growth.

22% increase YoY

With a 22% Year over Year (YoY) increase in total ARR, UiPath has consistently demonstrated its ability to generate value and deliver on its promises. This strong growth reflects the market’s recognition of UiPath’s automation capabilities and the positive impact it has on businesses across industries. UiPath’s commitment to innovation and customer success has resulted in sustained YoY growth, further solidifying its position as a market leader.

Non-GAAP Operating Margin

Record 27% for Q4 2024

UiPath achieved a record non-GAAP operating margin of 27% in the fourth quarter of 2024. This impressive margin signifies the company’s ability to efficiently manage its operations while driving growth and delivering value to customers. By continuously improving operational efficiency and optimizing cost structures, UiPath has achieved a record margin that highlights its commitment to profitability and sustainable growth.

18% for fiscal year

Throughout the fiscal year, UiPath demonstrated strong financial discipline and achieved a non-GAAP operating margin of 18%. This significant margin underscores UiPath’s ability to balance growth investments with cost management, further reinforcing its commitment to creating long-term value for shareholders. UiPath’s disciplined approach to financial management has positioned the company for sustained success in the dynamic automation market.

1,100 basis points increase YoY

UiPath’s exceptional performance in non-GAAP operating margin is further exemplified by a remarkable 1,100 basis points increase Year over Year (YoY). This significant improvement reflects the company’s continuous efforts to enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and drive profitability. With a substantial YoY increase, UiPath has solidified its position as a financially strong organization and a leader in the automation industry.

AI and Automation

UiPath’s platform combines AI and automation

UiPath’s platform seamlessly combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation to deliver transformative solutions to businesses. By leveraging advanced AI capabilities, UiPath enables organizations to automate complex tasks, extract valuable insights from data, and make intelligent decisions. This integrated approach empowers businesses to drive efficiency, improve accuracy, and unlock new levels of productivity, setting them apart from their competitors.

AI-driven automation is a strategic priority

For many executives, AI-driven automation has become a strategic priority in their quest for digital transformation. Recognizing this trend, UiPath has placed a strong emphasis on developing AI capabilities that augment automation processes. By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can elevate their automation efforts, gain a deeper understanding of their data, and uncover valuable insights that drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Value delivered to organizations

UiPath’s AI-driven automation platform delivers significant value to organizations across industries. By automating manual and repetitive tasks, businesses can optimize resource allocation, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency. The integration of AI capabilities enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their data, making informed decisions and driving business growth. UiPath’s platform empowers organizations to reimagine their processes, accelerate digital transformation, and deliver exceptional value to their stakeholders.

Document Understanding

UiPath’s unique approach to document understanding

UiPath has developed a unique approach to document understanding, empowering organizations to extract valuable information from unstructured data. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, UiPath’s platform can analyze documents, extract relevant data, and transform it into actionable insights. This innovative approach enables businesses to automate document-centric processes and enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their operations.

Well-received in the market

UiPath’s unique approach to document understanding has been well-received in the market. Organizations across industries have recognized the transformative potential of automating document-centric processes and have embraced UiPath’s solution. By automating the extraction of data from documents such as invoices, contracts, and forms, businesses can streamline operations, reduce errors, and improve compliance. UiPath’s document understanding capabilities have garnered widespread recognition for their ability to drive efficiency and enhance business outcomes.

65 of the top 100 deals include intelligent document processing

The market demand for UiPath’s document understanding capabilities is evident in the fact that 65 of the top 100 deals include intelligent document processing. This statistic showcases the strong value proposition of UiPath’s solution and the significant impact it has on businesses across industries. By incorporating intelligent document processing into their automation initiatives, organizations can unlock the value hidden within their documents, gain a competitive edge, and accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Investing in Partner Ecosystem

UiPath’s plans to continue investing in the partner ecosystem

UiPath recognizes the critical role that its partner ecosystem plays in driving innovation and delivering value to customers. As a result, UiPath has made a commitment to continue investing in its partner ecosystem. By fostering strong relationships with strategic partners, UiPath can leverage industry expertise, complementary technologies, and shared resources to provide comprehensive solutions to its customers. This investment in the partner ecosystem ensures that UiPath remains at the forefront of automation innovation and is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Expanding platform capabilities in 2025

In 2025, UiPath plans to expand its platform capabilities, providing customers with enhanced automation solutions to address their specific business needs. By continuously investing in research and development, UiPath aims to deliver cutting-edge technologies and functionalities that enable customers to achieve their automation goals and drive transformative change. The expansion of UiPath’s platform capabilities will further solidify its position as a market leader and empower organizations to unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Growth Products

Success of growth products

UiPath’s growth products have been instrumental in driving the evolution of its business automation platform. These products have provided organizations with innovative solutions to complex challenges, enabling them to streamline operations, improve productivity, and achieve tangible results. The success of UiPath’s growth products highlights the company’s commitment to continuous innovation and its ability to deliver market-leading solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses across industries.

Intelligent document processing

One of UiPath’s noteworthy growth products is intelligent document processing. By incorporating AI-driven capabilities, UiPath enables organizations to automate the extraction of data from documents, significantly reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy. This growth product has revolutionized document-centric processes, eliminating time-consuming tasks and enabling businesses to allocate resources wisely. With the increasing importance of data management in today’s digital landscape, intelligent document processing has become a critical component of UiPath’s automation platform.

Test Suites

UiPath’s Test Suites are another example of its successful growth products. By providing comprehensive testing capabilities, UiPath empowers organizations to ensure the quality and reliability of their automation processes. The Test Suites enable businesses to thoroughly evaluate and validate their automation workflows, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring smooth operations. This growth product reinforces UiPath’s commitment to delivering robust and reliable solutions that drive customer success and satisfaction.

Contribution to business automation platform evolution

UiPath’s growth products have significantly contributed to the evolution of its business automation platform. By continuously expanding its offerings and introducing new functionalities, UiPath has enabled organizations to achieve higher levels of automation and unlock new opportunities for growth. These growth products exemplify UiPath’s strategic vision and commitment to delivering solutions that meet the evolving demands of the automation market. Through innovative product development, UiPath continues to drive the evolution of business automation, empowering organizations to thrive in a digital-first world.

In conclusion, UiPath Inc.’s strong financial results, partnerships with industry leaders, customer success stories, and focus on innovation position the company as a market leader in the automation industry. With record quarterly revenue and net new ARR, as well as impressive growth in non-GAAP operating margin, UiPath has demonstrated its ability to deliver exceptional value to customers while driving sustained growth. Its platform, combining AI and automation, and unique approach to document understanding have received widespread recognition and adoption in the market. By investing in the partner ecosystem, expanding platform capabilities, and delivering successful growth products, UiPath continues to shape the future of automation and help organizations achieve digital transformation success.

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