UK Startup Raises £1.5 Million to Fight Deadly Sepsis with AI

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Presymptom Health, a UK-based startup, has successfully raised £1.5 million in equity and grant funding to combat sepsis, a life-threatening condition, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Sepsis claims the lives of nearly 48,000 people in Britain annually, primarily due to delayed diagnosis. For every hour that sepsis goes untreated, the mortality rate increases by 10%, emphasizing the urgent need for early intervention. Presymptom Health’s groundbreaking technology utilizes machine learning and AI analytics to detect infection and sepsis up to three days before formal clinical diagnosis, providing a crucial window for effective treatment. The funding round included notable investors such as UKI2S, Ploughshare, and MedTechToMarket. This development highlights the growing impact of AI in improving medical outcomes and saving lives.

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Presymptom Health Raises £1.5 Million

Presymptom Health, a UK-based startup pioneering the use of artificial intelligence for early infection and sepsis detection, has secured £1.5 million in equity and grant funding to combat the life-threatening consequences of delayed sepsis diagnosis. Sepsis, a severe body response to infection, claims the lives of nearly 48,000 people annually in Britain alone. The condition’s lethality is heavily linked to late diagnosis.

Presymptom to Battle Sepsis with New Funding

The company noted that for every hour sepsis goes untreated, the mortality rate rises by 10%. However, early intervention offers a significantly higher chance of successful treatment. Dr Iain Miller, CEO of Presymptom Health, emphasized the importance of early intervention and the limitations of current sepsis diagnostics. He stated, “If we take Sepsis as an example, Sepsis diagnostics hasn’t moved on in more than a century, and currently, doctors can only diagnose it when advanced symptoms and organ failure are present – which is often too late.”

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Presymptom Health’s technology boasts the potential to detect infection and sepsis “up to three days before formal clinical diagnosis,” offering a crucial window for effective treatment. Leveraging machine learning and AI analytics, the startup analyzes samples from a biobank to facilitate substantially faster detection of infections and sepsis.

AI is Improving Human Lives

The development of Presymptom Health’s technology is yet another example of AI’s impact in the medical field and its ability to improve human lives. In a recent study conducted in Sweden, researchers explored the potential of AI in improving breast cancer detection during screenings. Breast cancer claims about 670,000 lives globally in 2022, and it is estimated that about 42,250 women will die from the disease in 2024, according to the American Cancer Society.

Sepsis: A Deadly Threat

Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that occurs when the body’s response to an infection causes damage to organs and tissues. It is a severe immune system response that can lead to organ failure and death. In the UK, sepsis claims the lives of nearly 48,000 people each year. Late diagnosis of sepsis is heavily linked to its high mortality rate.

The Need for Early Detection

Early detection of sepsis is crucial in improving patient outcomes. Studies have shown that the mortality rate increases with untreated sepsis. By intervening early and initiating appropriate treatment, there is a higher chance of successful recovery. Prompt detection and treatment can prevent the progression of sepsis to irreversible organ failure.

Challenges in Sepsis Diagnostics

Despite advancements in medical technology, sepsis diagnostics have seen little improvement over the past century. Currently, doctors rely on the presence of advanced symptoms and organ failure for a formal diagnosis of sepsis. This often leads to delayed diagnosis, as these symptoms manifest when the condition is already in an advanced stage. There is a critical need for more effective diagnostic methods that can detect sepsis at an earlier stage.

AI’s Role in Early Sepsis Detection

Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize sepsis diagnostics by enabling early detection before formal clinical diagnosis. By leveraging machine learning algorithms and AI analytics, AI-powered systems can analyze patient data and identify patterns indicative of early-stage sepsis. This offers a crucial window for intervention and treatment before the condition worsens. The ability of AI to detect sepsis early holds promise in reducing the mortality rate associated with this devastating condition.


Prominent Investors Support Presymptom Health

The recent funding round for Presymptom Health attracted the support of prominent investors, including UKI2S, Ploughshare, and MedTechToMarket. These investors recognize the potential of Presymptom Health’s technology and its ability to combat delayed sepsis diagnosis. With their financial backing, Presymptom Health can further develop and refine their AI-powered solution, bringing it closer to widespread implementation in healthcare systems.

AI’s Contributions to Medical Advancements

Presymptom Health’s focus on using AI to detect sepsis early is just one example of how AI is contributing to medical advancements. In a recent study conducted in Sweden, researchers found that AI has the potential to improve breast cancer detection during screenings. Breast cancer remains a major global health concern, and AI-powered systems can help healthcare professionals identify concerning patterns and abnormalities in breast tissue. This can lead to earlier detection and better treatment outcomes, ultimately saving lives.

In conclusion, Presymptom Health’s recent funding of £1.5 million is a significant milestone in the fight against sepsis. By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, Presymptom Health aims to detect infections and sepsis earlier, offering a crucial window for effective treatment. The support of prominent investors further validates the importance and potential impact of Presymptom Health’s technology. AI continues to revolutionize the medical field, enabling better detection and treatment of life-threatening conditions such as sepsis and breast cancer. Through these advancements, AI is improving human lives and paving the way for a healthier future.

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