UroGen Expands Partnership with Pharmakon Advisors for Additional Funding

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UroGen Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company, has achieved significant milestones and success in 2023. With positive results from Phase III trials for their flagship development candidate, UGN-102, the company has made great strides in the treatment of low-grade intermediate risk, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. UGN-102 has the potential to be a game-changer in the field. Additionally, UroGen’s commercial product, JELMYTO, has experienced impressive growth and positive adoption trends. To further fuel their expansion and innovation, UroGen has entered into a strategic partnership with Pharmakon Advisors, securing additional funding of up to $100 million. With these advancements and ongoing clinical studies, UroGen remains at the forefront of the industry, aiming to launch UGN-102 in the first quarter of 2025 if approved. Exciting developments are also underway in their immuno-oncology candidate, UGN-301, and next-generation formulations of their upper tract and bladder products. UroGen’s commitment to cutting-edge research and development positions them as a key player in the pharmaceutical landscape.

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UroGen Pharma’s Successful Year in 2023

UroGen Pharma had an exceptional year in 2023, demonstrating significant progress and achievements in various areas of their operations. One notable success they experienced was the positive results obtained from Phase III trials for their lead development candidate, UGN-102.

Positive Results from Phase III Trials for UGN-102

UGN-102, developed by UroGen Pharma, has shown remarkable potential as a transformative product for the treatment of low-grade intermediate risk, non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. The Phase III trials conducted for UGN-102 yielded positive results, indicating its efficacy in addressing this type of cancer. These results have provided UroGen Pharma with substantial confidence in the potential of UGN-102 to become an influential treatment option in the field of bladder cancer.

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UGN-102’s Potential for Treatment of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

Non-muscle invasive bladder cancer poses a significant challenge in terms of treatment options. However, UGN-102 has demonstrated the potential to address this challenge effectively. By targeting low-grade intermediate risk bladder cancer, UGN-102 could offer patients a novel therapeutic approach that delivers positive outcomes. UroGen Pharma’s success in the Phase III trials has reinforced their belief in UGN-102’s potential to significantly improve patient outcomes in the treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

Regulatory Submission Process for UGN-102

Upon obtaining positive results from the Phase III trials, UroGen Pharma has initiated the regulatory submission process for UGN-102. This marks a critical milestone on the path to obtaining regulatory approval for the drug. The company is diligently working to complete the necessary documentation and meet all regulatory requirements to facilitate the approval process. Successfully navigating the regulatory submission process is pivotal in ensuring that UGN-102 can swiftly move towards commercialization, benefiting patients in need.

Expected Growth Driver if Approved

Upon approval, UGN-102 is expected to become a significant growth driver for UroGen Pharma. Given the positive results obtained from the Phase III trials and the potential of UGN-102 in addressing a significant unmet medical need, the drug is expected to gain substantial market acceptance. UroGen Pharma is well-positioned to capitalize on this opportunity and leverage UGN-102’s success to further enhance their position in the pharmaceutical industry. The anticipated growth from UGN-102 underscores the potential impact it can have on both patient outcomes and UroGen Pharma’s financial performance.

Positive Growth and Adoption Trends of JELMYTO

In addition to the success achieved with UGN-102, UroGen Pharma experienced positive growth and adoption trends with their commercial product JELMYTO.

Commercial Product JELMYTO

JELMYTO, a commercially available product developed by UroGen Pharma, has gained significant recognition and adoption in the market. This drug is approved for the treatment of patients with low-grade upper-tract urothelial cancer (LG-UTUC) who are not eligible for or have elected not to undergo surgical removal of the kidney. JELMYTO offers a novel and non-surgical treatment option for this specific patient population, providing them with an alternative to traditional approaches.

Double-Digit Growth

Reflecting its increasing acceptance and market demand, JELMYTO has demonstrated impressive double-digit growth. UroGen Pharma’s strategic efforts in commercializing JELMYTO have translated into positive sales figures and growing market share. The drug’s efficacy, coupled with its innovative approach to treating LG-UTUC, has resonated with physicians and patients alike, contributing to its sustained growth trajectory.


Strategic License and Supply Agreement with medac

UroGen Pharma has further solidified their position in the market by entering into a strategic license and supply agreement with medac. This partnership aims to develop next-generation formulations of both JELMYTO and UGN-102, capitalizing on their commercial success and expanding their potential impact. Collaborating with medac not only broadens UroGen Pharma’s capabilities but also enhances their capacity to provide innovative treatment options to patients. This strategic agreement underscores UroGen Pharma’s commitment to advancing the field of uro-oncology and improving patient outcomes.

Clinical Studies for Future Products

UroGen Pharma’s dedication to innovation and patient-centric approaches extends beyond their current products. They are actively pursuing the development of future treatments to address additional unmet medical needs.

UGN-103 and UGN-104

In their ongoing pursuit of groundbreaking therapies, UroGen Pharma is conducting clinical studies for their future products, UGN-103 and UGN-104. These products signify the company’s commitment to expanding their portfolio and addressing a range of medical conditions related to urologic cancers. By investing in clinical studies for these prospective treatments, UroGen Pharma aims to provide healthcare professionals and patients with valuable options that can potentially improve their quality of life.

Direct Entry into Phase III Trials in 2024

UroGen Pharma’s forward-thinking approach to drug development is exemplified by their decision to bypass the traditional Phase I and II trial stages for UGN-103 and UGN-104. Instead, the company plans to move directly into Phase III trials in 2024. This streamlined process reflects their confidence in the potential of these products, based on extensive preclinical and early-phase data. By expediting the development timeline, UroGen Pharma aims to efficiently bring these treatments to market, benefiting patients and maximizing their impact in the field of urologic oncology.

Sales Performance of JELMYTO

UroGen Pharma’s commercial product, JELMYTO, has demonstrated strong sales performance over the past year, reflecting its growing acceptance in the market.

Q4 2023 Sales: $23.5 Million

For the fourth quarter of 2023, JELMYTO achieved sales of $23.5 million. This figure highlights the increasing demand for this innovative treatment option. The positive word-of-mouth surrounding its efficacy and the endorsements from healthcare professionals have contributed to JELMYTO’s sales growth. Patients with low-grade upper-tract urothelial cancer have embraced this non-surgical and effective alternative, solidifying JELMYTO’s position as a trusted therapeutic option.

Full Year Sales: $82.7 Million

JELMYTO’s sales performance for the full year of 2023 amounted to an impressive $82.7 million. This significant figure underscores the drug’s market penetration and its ability to address an unmet medical need. The sustained growth in sales is a testament to UroGen Pharma’s commitment to developing innovative therapies and their ability to capitalize on commercial opportunities. These sales figures not only validate JELMYTO’s impact but also reinforce UroGen Pharma’s dedication to improving patient outcomes.

Expanded Partnership with Pharmakon Advisors

UroGen Pharma has expanded its partnership with Pharmakon Advisors, a testament to the strong collaboration and shared vision between the two entities.

Additional Funding of Up to $100 Million

This expanded partnership provides UroGen Pharma with additional funding of up to $100 million, enabling them to further advance their research and development efforts. This infusion of capital offers UroGen Pharma the financial resources necessary to pursue their pipeline of potential treatments, broaden their therapeutic offerings, and explore new avenues for innovation. The continued support from Pharmakon Advisors reinforces UroGen Pharma’s position as a leading player in the field of urologic oncology and propels their mission to improve patient care.

UGN-102 Launch Plans

UroGen Pharma has set their sights on launching UGN-102, their transformative product for the treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, in the first quarter of 2025.

Expected Launch in Q1 2025

With positive results from Phase III trials and the initiation of the regulatory submission process, UroGen Pharma is actively preparing for the launch of UGN-102. The company is committed to ensuring that UGN-102 meets all necessary regulatory requirements before it becomes available to healthcare professionals and patients. This meticulous approach reflects UroGen Pharma’s dedication to delivering safe, effective, and innovative treatments. The expected launch of UGN-102 in the first quarter of 2025 signifies a significant milestone for UroGen Pharma and holds the promise of improving treatment outcomes for patients with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

Advancement of Immuno-Oncology Candidate

UroGen Pharma continues to push the boundaries of innovation by advancing their immuno-oncology candidate, UGN-301, in clinical studies.

Clinical Studies for UGN-301

UGN-301, UroGen Pharma’s immuno-oncology candidate, is being evaluated in clinical studies to assess its potential in addressing urologic cancers. Immuno-oncology has emerged as a promising field, harnessing the power of the immune system to combat cancer. UGN-301 represents UroGen Pharma’s commitment to exploring cutting-edge treatment modalities and their dedication to improving patient outcomes. The ongoing clinical studies will provide valuable insights into UGN-301’s efficacy and safety profile, setting the stage for its potential future contribution to the field of urologic oncology.

Next-Generation Formulations of Upper Tract and Bladder Products

UroGen Pharma continues to drive innovation by focusing on the development of next-generation formulations for their upper tract and bladder products.

Continued Development

Building on the success of JELMYTO and UGN-102, UroGen Pharma is actively developing next-generation formulations for their upper tract and bladder products. By refining and enhancing their existing therapies, UroGen Pharma aims to deliver even more effective, convenient, and patient-friendly treatments. This commitment to continuous improvement demonstrates UroGen Pharma’s dedication to staying at the forefront of urologic oncology and their determination to improve the lives of patients.

In conclusion, UroGen Pharma’s successful year in 2023 underscores their commitment to innovation, patient care, and strategic partnerships. The positive results obtained from Phase III trials for UGN-102 highlight its potential as a transformative treatment for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. JELMYTO’s impressive sales performance and double-digit growth validate its position as a valuable therapeutic option. The expansion of UroGen Pharma’s partnership with Pharmakon Advisors further fuels their research and development efforts. Additionally, the various clinical studies and next-generation formulations demonstrate UroGen Pharma’s dedication to advancing the field of urologic oncology. The future looks promising for UroGen Pharma as they continue to broaden their portfolio and strive to enhance patient outcomes.

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