Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley to Step Down from $9tn Asset Manager This Year

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Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley will be stepping down from his position at the end of this year, after leading the $9tn asset manager for six years. During his tenure, Vanguard experienced significant growth, expanding its client base to over 50 million and increasing its assets under management by 80%. However, the company has also faced criticism for its stance on climate change and allegations of greenwashing. Chief Investment Officer Greg Davis has been named as the new President of Vanguard and will take over Buckley’s responsibilities, including running the investment management division and overseeing the retirement business.

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Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley to Step Down from $9tn Asset Manager This Year

Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley to Step Down from $9tn Asset Manager This Year

Overview of Tim Buckley’s departure

Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley has announced that he will be stepping down from the $9tn asset manager at the end of the year. This marks the end of Buckley’s six-year tenure as CEO, during which he oversaw rapid growth and expansion. However, Vanguard also faced controversies and criticism under his leadership, particularly regarding its stance on climate change.

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Vanguard’s plans for a replacement

Vanguard has stated that it will consider both internal and external candidates to find a suitable replacement for Tim Buckley. As one of the largest asset managers in the world, the selection of a new CEO is a crucial decision for the company. Vanguard aims to find a leader who can continue the company’s growth and uphold its commitment to low-cost index funds and retirement plans.

Elevation of Greg Davis to president

As part of the leadership transition, Vanguard has appointed Greg Davis, the current chief investment officer (CIO), to the position of president. This is an expanded role for Davis, who will now oversee not only investment management but also Vanguard’s retirement business and the division that serves financial advisers. Davis has been with Vanguard for 24 years and brings extensive experience to his new role.

Tim Buckley’s contributions to Vanguard

During his 33-year career at Vanguard, Tim Buckley made significant contributions to the company’s success. He started as a research assistant and worked closely with Vanguard’s founder, Jack Bogle, in pioneering passive investing and improving the company’s mutual structure. Buckley’s leadership also led to innovations in the asset management industry, as Vanguard reinvested profits into lowering fees and putting pressure on competitors.

Vanguard’s growth under Buckley’s leadership

Under Tim Buckley’s guidance, Vanguard experienced substantial growth in its client base and assets under management. The company expanded to serve more than 50 million clients, and its assets under management increased by 80%. Vanguard also gained ground in the highly competitive ETF market, challenging the dominance of BlackRock. The company’s success can be attributed to its emphasis on low-cost index funds and retirement plans.

Competition with BlackRock in ETF market

Vanguard has been striving to rival BlackRock, the industry leader in the ETF market. While BlackRock currently holds the majority of market share, Vanguard has been steadily gaining ground under Tim Buckley’s leadership. The ETF market is of significant importance in the asset management industry, as investors increasingly turn to these funds for their low fees and diversification benefits.

Criticism of Vanguard’s stance on climate change

One area where Vanguard has faced criticism is its stance on climate change. The company made the decision to pull out of climate alliances, which has drawn progressive criticism. Critics argue that Vanguard is not doing enough to address the climate crisis and is prioritizing short-term financial gains over long-term sustainability. This has led to allegations of greenwashing, where companies create a facade of environmental responsibility without taking substantive action.


Allegations of greenwashing from Australian regulators

Vanguard has also faced allegations of greenwashing from Australian regulators. They have investigated the company’s practices and raised concerns about misleading claims regarding the environmental impact of certain investment products. These allegations can have a significant impact on Vanguard’s reputation, as investors increasingly prioritize sustainable investing options.

Scrutiny of index fund providers’ influence in US

In the US, Vanguard and other index fund providers, such as BlackRock and State Street, have faced scrutiny for the influence they wield through their large stakes in American public companies. Critics argue that these index fund providers have significant voting power and can influence corporate decision-making without enough transparency or accountability. This scrutiny has led to calls for increased regulation and oversight of these companies.

Tim Buckley’s career trajectory at Vanguard

Tim Buckley’s career at Vanguard began as a research assistant to the company’s founder, Jack Bogle. He steadily progressed through the ranks, serving as the chief investment officer and then as the president before assuming the role of CEO. During his tenure, Buckley brought innovation, growth, and transformation to Vanguard, expanding the company’s services and businesses and enhancing its advice offerings.

In conclusion, Tim Buckley’s departure as CEO of Vanguard marks a significant moment for the $9tn asset manager. While his tenure was marked by rapid growth and accomplishments, Vanguard also faced controversies and criticism. The appointment of Greg Davis as president signals a new phase for the company, and the search for a suitable replacement for Buckley will be crucial for Vanguard’s future success.

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