Chewy Anticipates Meaningful Levels of Free Cash Flow in 2024 and Beyond

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Chewy, Inc. recently held its Q4 2023 Earnings Call, revealing impressive results and outlining its future plans. The company reported a 4% increase in net sales for Q4, resulting in a 10% year-over-year growth in full-year net sales. Non-discretionary consumables and health categories played a significant role, accounting for approximately 85% of net sales. Additionally, Chewy’s Autoship subscription program showed strong growth, with customer sales increasing by 8% in Q4 and nearly 15% for the full-year. Both Q4 and full-year gross margins exceeded 28%, with an adjusted EBITDA margin of 3.1% for Q4 and 3.3% for the full-year. In terms of financial performance, the company generated over $340 million of free cash flow in 2023. Despite lower expected year-over-year growth in the pet industry in 2024, Chewy anticipates further market share gains and expanded adjusted EBITDA margins. Strategic initiatives like Chewy Vet Care clinics and the company’s Canada market expansion are expected to drive sustainable growth and profit. With these positive developments, Chewy aims to generate meaningful and increasing levels of free cash flow in 2024 and beyond.

Financial Performance

Chewy, Inc. (CHWY) experienced a notable increase in net sales during the fourth quarter of 2023. This resulted in a full-year net sales figure of $11.15 billion, reflecting a year-over-year growth rate of 10%. The company’s success can be attributed to strong performance in non-discretionary consumables and health categories, which accounted for approximately 85% of net sales.

One of Chewy’s key growth drivers is its Autoship subscription program, which showed impressive expansion during the fourth quarter. Customer sales increased by 8% in Q4 and almost 15% for the entire year, reflecting the popularity and effectiveness of the program. This growth in subscription sales contributed significantly to Chewy’s overall financial performance.


Furthermore, Chewy demonstrated a robust gross margin throughout Q4, surpassing the 28% mark both for the quarter and the full year. Additionally, the company achieved an adjusted EBITDA margin of 3.1% for the fourth quarter and 3.3% for the entire year. These margin figures indicate solid profitability and operational efficiency within the company.

In terms of free cash flow, Chewy generated over $340 million in 2023. This showcases the company’s ability to generate positive cash flow, which is essential for its continued growth and financial stability.


Pet Industry Outlook

The pet industry is expected to maintain its growth trajectory in the coming years. However, it is worth noting that the year-over-year growth rate for 2024 is projected to be lower compared to historical averages. Despite this anticipated slowdown, Chewy remains well-positioned to navigate the market with its strong brand presence and customer-centric approach.

Market Share and Profitability

Chewy is poised to continue gaining market share in 2024, building upon its previous successes. The company’s strategic initiatives, coupled with its customer-focused business model, are expected to contribute to further market share gains. Chewy’s ability to adapt to evolving customer needs and preferences has been instrumental in its growth and profitability.


The company also aims to achieve adjusted EBITDA margin expansion in the coming years. By implementing cost-saving measures, operational efficiencies, and strategic investments, Chewy seeks to improve its profitability. These efforts are expected to yield positive results and drive sustainable growth for the company.

Chewy’s profitability and growth have been strongly influenced by its strategic initiatives. One of these initiatives is the Chewy Vet Care clinics. By providing affordable and accessible veterinary care, the company aims to enhance its customer experience and strengthen its position in the market. In fiscal year 2024, Chewy plans to open four to eight clinics, with the first location set to launch in Florida. This expansion into the veterinary care space aligns with Chewy’s commitment to providing comprehensive pet care solutions to its customers.


Canada Market Expansion

Chewy’s expansion into the Canadian market is progressing steadily. The company is focused on increasing its assortment of products and introducing customer-friendly features tailored to the Canadian market. This strategic approach aims to cater to the unique needs and preferences of Canadian pet owners, ultimately driving growth and market penetration in the region. As Chewy continues to expand its presence in Canada, it further solidifies its position as a leader in the pet industry.

Anticipated Free Cash Flow

Chewy anticipates generating meaningful and increasing levels of free cash flow in 2024 and beyond. The company’s strong financial performance, coupled with its focus on operational efficiency, positions it well to generate positive cash flow. This is crucial for funding future investments, strategic initiatives, and overall business growth. As Chewy continues to innovate and capture market share, the prospects for its free cash flow remain promising in the long run.

In conclusion, Chewy, Inc. has demonstrated impressive financial performance, with net sales increasing, strong growth in non-discretionary categories, and the successful expansion of its Autoship subscription program. The company’s gross margin and adjusted EBITDA margin reflect a strong focus on profitability and operational efficiency. Chewy’s strategic initiatives, such as the Chewy Vet Care clinics and expansion into the Canadian market, position the company for continued growth and market share gains. With anticipated levels of free cash flow in 2024 and a positive outlook for the pet industry, Chewy is well-equipped to remain a leader in the market and deliver value to its shareholders.



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