Cryoport, Inc. Reports $233.3 Million in Total Revenue for FY 2023

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Cryoport, Inc. has announced impressive financial results for fiscal year 2023, reporting total revenue of $233.3 million. Notably, the company experienced significant growth in service revenue, which accounted for 62% of its total revenue. Cryoport’s success can be attributed to its support of a record-breaking 675 clinical trials worldwide, with 82 in Phase 3 and 311 in Phase 2. To further strengthen its business, Cryoport made strategic acquisitions of Bluebird Express and TEC4MED LifeSciences. Additionally, the company formed vital partnerships with renowned organizations such as Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult network, NMDP BioTherapies, and Nippon Express to expand its global presence and supply chain solutions. Although the global operating environment disruptions impacted product revenue, Cryoport remains confident in its MVE Biological Solutions business. Looking ahead, Cryoport expects progressive improvement and has provided a full-year 2024 revenue guidance in the range of $242 million to $252 million.

Total Revenue

Cryoport, Inc. has reported a total revenue of $233.3 million for the fiscal year 2023. This figure reflects the company’s strong performance and success in the market. It highlights Cryoport’s ability to generate substantial revenue and solidify its position as a key player in the industry.

Service Revenue

Service revenue plays a crucial role in Cryoport’s overall revenue stream, accounting for 62% of its total revenue. This indicates the significance of the services provided by Cryoport to its clients. The company’s ability to generate substantial service revenue speaks to its expertise and the value it offers to its customers.


Clinical Trials

Cryoport has actively supported a remarkable total of 675 clinical trials worldwide. This demonstrates the company’s strong presence and involvement in the field of clinical research. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that Cryoport has supported 82 clinical trials in Phase 3, emphasizing its contribution to the advancement of crucial medical treatments and therapies. Additionally, Cryoport has supported 311 clinical trials in Phase 2, further displaying its extensive involvement in the research and development process.


In line with its strategic growth plans, Cryoport has successfully completed two acquisitions. The company acquired Bluebird Express and TEC4MED LifeSciences, which will enhance its capabilities and strengthen its business operations. These acquisitions are a testament to Cryoport’s commitment to expanding its market reach and broadening its portfolio of solutions to better serve its customers.


Strategic Partnerships

Cryoport has recently established strategic partnerships with prominent industry players. The company has formed a partnership with the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult network, a leading organization in accelerating the development of cell and gene therapies. This collaboration allows Cryoport to leverage the expertise and resources of the network, strengthening its position in the fast-growing field of cell and gene therapy.

Furthermore, Cryoport has forged a partnership with NMDP BioTherapies, an organization focused on advancing cellular therapies for the treatment of various diseases. This partnership enables Cryoport to expand its offerings and provide comprehensive supply chain solutions to NMDP BioTherapies’ clients. Additionally, Cryoport has partnered with Nippon Express, a global logistics company, to enhance its international reach and logistical capabilities.


These strategic partnerships highlight Cryoport’s commitment to collaboration and innovation, as well as its dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions to its clients. By partnering with industry leaders, Cryoport reinforces its position as a trusted and reliable company in the life sciences and logistics sectors.

Impact on Product Revenue

The global operating environment has experienced disruptions that have had an impact on Cryoport’s product revenue. Nonetheless, Cryoport remains confident in the performance and potential of its MVE Biological Solutions business. Despite the challenges faced by the industry, Cryoport believes in the long-term viability of its product offerings and their ability to generate revenue.


Cryoport’s ongoing commitment to innovation and adaptability has allowed the company to navigate through these disruptions and continue delivering high-quality products and services to its customers. By constantly monitoring and adapting to the changing landscape, Cryoport remains well-positioned to mitigate the impact on its product revenue and capitalize on future opportunities.

Revenue Guidance

Cryoport anticipates progressive improvement in its revenue performance. The company has provided revenue guidance for the full year 2024, projecting it to be in the range of $242 million to $252 million. This forecast reflects Cryoport’s optimism and confidence in its ability to generate continued growth and achieve financial success.

The revenue guidance also demonstrates Cryoport’s commitment to transparency and accountability. By providing this information, the company allows investors and stakeholders to make informed decisions regarding their involvement with Cryoport. The projected revenue range serves as a benchmark for the company’s future performance and showcases its dedication to delivering value to its shareholders.

In summary, Cryoport, Inc. has reported strong total revenue for fiscal year 2023, with service revenue accounting for a significant portion. The company’s involvement in numerous clinical trials highlights its contribution to medical research and development. The strategic acquisitions and partnerships further strengthen Cryoport’s position in the market and its ability to meet the evolving needs of its customers. While disruptions in the global operating environment have impacted product revenue, Cryoport remains confident in its business and expects progressive improvement. With the provided revenue guidance, Cryoport demonstrates its commitment to transparency and future growth. Overall, Cryoport’s performance and strategic initiatives position it as a leading player in the industry and set the stage for continued success in the years to come.



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