Indian Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in Six Quarters

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The Indian economy has experienced a remarkable surge, growing at an impressive rate of 8.4% in the third quarter of the 2024 financial year, marking its fastest pace of growth in six quarters. This remarkable growth can be attributed to the robust performance of the manufacturing and services sectors, which exhibited strong growth despite the agriculture sector’s struggles due to erratic rainfall. However, the weak global demand resulted in lower export growth, while imports saw a significant increase. Despite the positive GDP growth, the Reserve Bank of India is expected to maintain its hawkish stance in order to manage inflationary pressures. Moreover, the Nifty 50 Index reported encouraging revenue and net profit growth in the third quarter, with the financial and automotive sectors leading the way, while the IT sector faced some challenges. Investors seeking exposure to Indian equities may find the WisdomTree India Earnings Fund (EPI) an attractive option, as it offers a more reasonably valued entry point. EPI’s earnings-weighted strategy provides diversification and reduces concentration risk across sectors and market caps. With sustained real GDP growth predicted to be between 6-7% per annum, India continues to present a promising investment opportunity within global equity allocations.

Indian Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in Six Quarters

Indian Economy Growth

The Indian economy experienced robust growth in the third quarter of the 2024 financial year, expanding by an impressive 8.4%. This growth rate is the fastest observed in the last six quarters, indicating a strong recovery and resilient economic performance. This significant upswing in economic activity is a positive indication for the Indian economy and reflects the effectiveness of various government initiatives and reforms in driving growth.


Sector-wise Performance

The manufacturing and services sectors played a crucial role in driving the overall economic growth during this period. Both sectors demonstrated significant expansion, showcasing their resilience and ability to adapt to changing market conditions. However, the agriculture sector faced challenges due to uneven rainfall, resulting in lower productivity and growth. Despite this setback, the overall economic performance was not dampened, mainly due to the impressive performance of the manufacturing and services sectors.

Indian Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in Six Quarters


Export and Import Growth

The Indian economy experienced a decline in export growth during the third quarter, primarily due to weak global demand. The global economic landscape and trade dynamics were heavily impacted by various factors, such as geopolitical tensions and supply chain disruptions. These factors resulted in reduced demand for Indian goods and services in international markets. On the other hand, imports witnessed a faster rate of growth, potentially fueled by domestic demand and investment activities.

Reserve Bank of India’s Stance

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is anticipated to maintain its hawkish stance despite the positive GDP growth witnessed in the Indian economy. The RBI’s monetary policy decisions are guided by various factors, such as inflation, exchange rates, and financial stability objectives. While solid economic growth is indeed a positive sign, the central bank’s focus on maintaining stability and managing inflationary pressures remains crucial. Therefore, investors and market participants should not interpret the growth figures as an indication for an immediate change in the monetary policy stance.


Indian Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in Six Quarters

Nifty 50 Index Performance

The Nifty 50 Index, one of the leading stock market indices in India, demonstrated a commendable performance during the third quarter. It reported a revenue growth of 9% and a net profit growth of 15%. This performance reflects the overall positive sentiment and strong financial performance of the companies constituting the index. The Nifty 50 Index serves as a benchmark for the Indian equity market and provides insights into the performance of large-cap companies from various sectors.


Sector Performance

The financial sector and automotive sector emerged as the top performers during the third quarter. These sectors exhibited robust growth and contributed significantly to the overall economic expansion. The financial sector’s strong performance can be attributed to increased lending activities, growing customer confidence, and improved economic sentiments. Likewise, the automotive sector witnessed increased demand for automobiles, driven by factors such as improved consumer spending and infrastructural development initiatives. However, the IT sector experienced subdued results, possibly due to global uncertainties and the impact of supply chain disruptions on the industry.

Indian Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in Six Quarters

Investment Opportunity: WisdomTree India Earnings Fund (EPI)

Investors seeking exposure to Indian equities can consider the WisdomTree India Earnings Fund (EPI) as a viable investment opportunity. EPI offers a more reasonable valuation compared to other options available in the market. It provides investors with a convenient way to access Indian equities and participate in the country’s economic growth story. By investing in EPI, investors can leverage the potential of the Indian economy and gain exposure to a diversified portfolio of Indian companies.

EPI’s Earnings-Weighted Strategy

One of the key features of EPI’s investment strategy is its earnings-weighted approach. This strategy allows for less concentration in specific sectors or companies, thereby enhancing diversification. By incorporating earnings as a key factor in the weightings of the portfolio constituents, EPI aims to provide investors with exposure across various sectors and market capitalizations. This approach reduces reliance on a few individual stocks or sectors and allows investors to benefit from the overall growth potential of the Indian economy.

Indian Economy Grows at Fastest Pace in Six Quarters

India within Global Equity Allocations

India continues to hold a strong position within global equity allocations. The country’s sustained real GDP growth of 6-7% per annum makes it an attractive investment destination for global investors. With its vast domestic market, skilled workforce, and favorable demographics, India offers significant growth prospects for companies and investors alike. The government’s focus on economic reforms, infrastructure development, and ease of doing business further enhances India’s appeal as an investment destination. As a result, global equity allocations should consider including India as a part of their investment portfolios.



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