SuRo Capital Corp. (SSSS) Q4 2023 Earnings Call Recap

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SuRo Capital Corp. (SSSS) recently held their Q4 2023 Earnings Call, revealing a challenging year for private markets marked by a decline in venture deal volume and valuations. Despite these difficulties, SuRo Capital maintained an active investment approach, deploying a total of $26 million throughout the year, with a significant emphasis on secondary opportunities offering attractive discounts. Notable investments during Q4 included FourKites, Xpoint, and Colombier Acquisition Corp. II. As the year came to a close, SuRo Capital reported a net asset value of $203.4 million, equivalent to $7.99 per share. With a diversified portfolio and plans to close two substantial investments in the first quarter of 2024, SuRo Capital remains confident in its ability to generate value for its shareholders.

Q4 2023 Earnings Call Recap

SuRo Capital Corp. (SSSS)

Private markets performance

Investment activities in 2023

Q4 Investments

Net asset value

Top five investments

Primary investment in Liquid Death

Future investments

Monetization strategies

Portfolio value for shareholders

SuRo Capital Corp. (SSSS) recently conducted their Q4 2023 Earnings Call, providing insights into their performance and investment activities. The company specializes in private markets and aims to create value for its shareholders through strategic investments. In this article, we will recap the key highlights from the earnings call and delve into the various aspects of SuRo Capital Corp.’s operations.

SuRo Capital Corp. (SSSS)


SuRo Capital Corp., listed as SSSS, is a prominent player in the private markets. The company focuses on venture capital investments and seeks to identify promising investment opportunities that can generate substantial returns for its shareholders. With a strong track record and expertise in the private markets, SuRo Capital Corp. has positioned itself as a key player in the industry.


Company background

SuRo Capital Corp. was established with the vision of providing investors with access to high-growth private companies. The company leverages its extensive network and industry expertise to identify potential investment opportunities. SuRo Capital Corp. adopts a disciplined approach, ensuring thorough due diligence before making any investment decisions. This prudent strategy has helped them achieve consistent growth and establish a reputable presence in the private markets.

Key financial metrics

SuRo Capital Corp. places significant emphasis on financial performance and transparency. Some of the key financial metrics that provide insights into the company’s overall health and growth include net asset value (NAV), net asset value per share, and return on investments. These metrics demonstrate SuRo Capital Corp.’s ability to create and preserve shareholder value.


Private markets performance

Overview of private markets in 2023

The private markets experienced a challenging year in 2023, as indicated by a decline in venture deal volume and valuations. This decline can be attributed to various factors, including regulatory changes, economic uncertainties, and shifting investor sentiment. Despite these challenges, SuRo Capital Corp. remained resilient and sought to capitalize on the market conditions by identifying compelling investment opportunities.

Decline in venture deal volume

One notable trend in 2023 was the decline in venture deal volume. This decline indicates a cautious approach from investors, who may have been hesitant to commit capital amidst the uncertainties prevailing in the private markets. SuRo Capital Corp. closely monitored this trend, adapting its investment strategy accordingly.


Decline in venture valuations

Alongside the decline in deal volume, venture valuations also experienced a downward trend in 2023. This adjustment can be attributed to increased scrutiny and thorough due diligence from investors. As market conditions evolve, SuRo Capital Corp. actively adjusted its valuation models to reflect the changing landscape and mitigate potential risks.

Investment activities in 2023

Total investments made in 2023

In 2023, SuRo Capital Corp. made a total of $26 million worth of investments. These investments were carefully selected based on rigorous evaluation, industry potential, and the projected returns. By deploying capital strategically, SuRo Capital Corp. aimed to optimize its investment portfolio and deliver long-term value for its shareholders.


Allocation of investments

Throughout 2023, SuRo Capital Corp. diligently allocated its investments across various private companies and sectors. The company focused on identifying opportunities with significant growth potential and strong management teams. By diversifying its investments across different sectors, SuRo Capital Corp. aimed to mitigate risk and capitalize on emerging trends.

Emphasis on secondary opportunities at discounts

One notable aspect of SuRo Capital Corp.’s investment activities in 2023 was its emphasis on secondary opportunities at discounts. These investments allowed the company to acquire stakes in promising companies at a reduced valuation, presenting potential for significant upside. SuRo Capital Corp. leverages its expertise and network to identify these opportunities and maximize returns for its shareholders.

Q4 Investments

Investments made during Q4 2023

During the fourth quarter of 2023, SuRo Capital Corp. executed several significant investments. These investments exemplify the company’s commitment to identifying high-growth opportunities and positioning itself in promising sectors.

Details of FourKites investment

One of the notable investments during Q4 was SuRo Capital Corp.’s investment in FourKites. FourKites is a leading supply chain visibility platform that leverages real-time data and analytics to help companies optimize their supply chain operations. SuRo Capital Corp. recognized the transformative potential of FourKites in the logistics industry and believed in their innovative approach.

Details of Xpoint investment

Another investment made by SuRo Capital Corp. during Q4 was in Xpoint. Xpoint is a pioneer in the data storage industry, providing breakthrough solutions for managing vast amounts of data. SuRo Capital Corp. identified the growing demand for data management solutions and found Xpoint’s technology to be highly compelling.

Details of Colombier Acquisition Corp. II investment

SuRo Capital Corp. also invested in Colombier Acquisition Corp. II during Q4. Colombier Acquisition Corp. II is a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) that seeks to identify and acquire high-potential companies in the technology sector. SuRo Capital Corp. recognized the value-add potential of Colombier Acquisition Corp. II in identifying attractive investment opportunities.

Net asset value

Closing net asset value for 2023

At the end of 2023, SuRo Capital Corp. announced a closing net asset value of $203.4 million. This net asset value represents the total value of the company’s portfolio, taking into account the performance and valuations of its investments. SuRo Capital Corp. aimed to increase its net asset value through strategic investments and effective portfolio management.

Net asset value per share

The net asset value per share of SuRo Capital Corp. as of the end of 2023 was $7.99. This metric provides an insight into the value that each share represents in the company’s portfolio. SuRo Capital Corp. aims to optimize its net asset value per share by making prudent investments and maximizing returns for its shareholders.

Top five investments

Overview of top five investments

SuRo Capital Corp. prides itself on having a diverse and high-quality investment portfolio. The company’s top five investments exemplify its commitment to identifying companies with strong growth potential. These investments have been carefully selected based on thorough due diligence and a deep understanding of the respective industries.


Learneo is one of SuRo Capital Corp.’s top investments. It is an innovative e-learning platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver personalized learning experiences. SuRo Capital Corp. recognized the significant disruptions occurring in the education sector and the potential of Learneo to reshape how individuals acquire knowledge.


StormWind is another key investment for SuRo Capital Corp. It is a leading provider of IT and cybersecurity training solutions. SuRo Capital Corp. identified the increasing demand for skilled IT professionals and the growing importance of cybersecurity. The investment in StormWind aligns with SuRo Capital Corp.’s strategy of investing in high-growth sectors.


ServiceTitan is a platform that provides software solutions specifically designed for the home services industry. SuRo Capital Corp. recognized the immense potential of ServiceTitan in optimizing business operations for home service providers. With its strong management team and disruptive technology, ServiceTitan became one of SuRo Capital Corp.’s top investments.

Blink Health

Blink Health is a digital platform that revolutionizes access to affordable prescription medications. SuRo Capital Corp. identified the rising costs of healthcare and the need for innovative solutions. By investing in Blink Health, SuRo Capital Corp. aimed to support the company’s mission of making healthcare more accessible and affordable for all.

Locus Robotics

Locus Robotics is a leading provider of autonomous mobile robots for e-commerce warehouses. SuRo Capital Corp. recognized the rapid growth of the e-commerce sector and the need for efficient warehouse operations. The investment in Locus Robotics reflects SuRo Capital Corp.’s focus on disruptive technologies that can transform industries.

Primary investment in Liquid Death

Details of $10 million primary investment

SuRo Capital Corp. made a primary investment of $10 million in Liquid Death during the year. Liquid Death is a consumer packaged goods (CPG) brand that specializes in water and tea products. SuRo Capital Corp. identified the potential within the water and tea market and believed in the innovative approach of Liquid Death.

Overview of Liquid Death

Liquid Death aims to disrupt the traditional beverage industry by offering sustainable and unique products. The brand has gained significant traction due to its environmentally friendly packaging and compelling marketing strategies. SuRo Capital Corp. recognized the compelling value proposition of Liquid Death and invested to support their growth.

Focus on water and tea market

SuRo Capital Corp.’s primary investment in Liquid Death reflects their focus on the water and tea market. The company recognizes the increasing consumer demand for healthier and eco-friendly beverage options. By investing in Liquid Death, SuRo Capital Corp. aims to capitalize on this growing trend and support the brand’s expansion in the market.

Future investments

Plans for first quarter of 2024

SuRo Capital Corp. has outlined its plans for the first quarter of 2024, aiming to identify and execute on two sizable investments. These investments will be strategically selected to enhance SuRo Capital Corp.’s portfolio and generate significant returns for its shareholders. The company’s investment team remains committed to thorough due diligence to ensure the investments align with its investment criteria.

Closing two sizable investments

The focus of SuRo Capital Corp. in the first quarter of 2024 will be to close two sizable investments in high-potential companies. These investments will be aligned with SuRo Capital Corp.’s strategy of identifying disruptors and market leaders in sectors with strong growth potential. By closing these investments, SuRo Capital Corp. aims to enhance its portfolio and unlock long-term value for its shareholders.

Potential target industries

SuRo Capital Corp. continues to evaluate potential target industries to identify compelling investment opportunities. The company’s investment team closely monitors emerging trends and shifts in consumer behavior to identify sectors with significant growth potential. While specific industries may vary, SuRo Capital Corp. remains focused on investing in disruptive companies that can reshape their respective sectors.

Monetization strategies

SuRo Capital Corp. actively employs monetization strategies to create value for its shareholders. The company utilizes a combination of approaches, including the monetization of public positions, a share repurchase program, and a modified Dutch auction tender offer. These strategies are implemented with the goal of enhancing portfolio returns and delivering value to shareholders.

Portfolio value for shareholders

Belief in portfolio value

SuRo Capital Corp. strongly believes in the value of its investment portfolio. The company’s approach to due diligence, rigorous analysis, and focus on promising sectors has resulted in an attractive portfolio of investments. SuRo Capital Corp. remains committed to actively managing its portfolio to optimize returns and ensure long-term value creation for its shareholders.

Creating value for shareholders

Creating value for shareholders is at the core of SuRo Capital Corp.’s mission. The company adopts a disciplined investment approach, making strategic investments to generate attractive returns. SuRo Capital Corp. constantly evaluates the performance and potential of its investments, making adjustments as necessary to maximize value for its shareholders.

Long-term growth prospects

SuRo Capital Corp. acknowledges the long-term growth prospects in the private markets. Despite the challenges and uncertainties, the company remains optimistic about the future. By focusing on identifying companies with transformative potential and employing prudent investment strategies, SuRo Capital Corp. aims to capitalize on market opportunities and deliver sustained long-term growth for its shareholders.

In conclusion, SuRo Capital Corp.’s Q4 2023 Earnings Call provided valuable insights into their performance and investment outlook. The company has navigated the challenges of the private markets in 2023 and remains committed to creating value for its shareholders. With a diversified portfolio, strategic investments, and prudent management, SuRo Capital Corp. is well-positioned to capitalize on market opportunities and deliver long-term growth.



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