Valkyrie Adds BitGo as Second Custodian For Bitcoin ETF (BRRR) in Risk Mitigation Move

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In a significant move to mitigate risk, Valkyrie, a provider of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), has announced the addition of BitGo as a second custodian for its Bitcoin Fund (BRRR). This makes Valkyrie the first ETF provider to diversify the custody of its coins by partnering with BitGo alongside Coinbase. The CEO of BitGo, Mike Belshe, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating that Valkyrie is leading the industry in risk mitigation for ETF custody. Industry experts predict that other ETF providers may follow suit and bring on supplementary custodians to enhance security measures.

Title: Valkyrie Adds BitGo as Second Custodian For Bitcoin ETF (BRRR) in Risk Mitigation Move

Background Information

Valkyrie is a prominent provider of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States. ETFs offer investors exposure to bitcoin without the need to hold the underlying asset. Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, initially served as Valkyrie’s sole custodian for its Bitcoin Fund (BRRR). However, in a move to further mitigate risk, Valkyrie has now introduced BitGo as a second custodian for its ETF.

Introduction of BitGo as Second Custodian

The decision to add a second custodian to manage Valkyrie’s Bitcoin Fund aims to diversify custody of the coins and enhance risk mitigation efforts. BitGo, a respected and experienced player in the cryptocurrency custody space, brings its expertise to complement Coinbase’s custodial services. The partnership with BitGo is expected to bolster Valkyrie’s risk management strategy and provide investors with greater peace of mind.


Importance of Risk Mitigation in Bitcoin ETFs

Bitcoin ETFs face several risk factors, including volatility, cybersecurity threats, and potential regulatory changes. To navigate these risks effectively, robust custodian solutions are essential. Custodians play a critical role in safeguarding investors’ assets, protecting against theft or loss, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. By employing multiple custodians, ETF providers like Valkyrie can better mitigate potential risks associated with their funds.

Valkyrie’s Leading Role in ETF Custody

Valkyrie has taken a proactive stance in ensuring the safety and security of its ETFs. By diversifying custodians, the company demonstrates its commitment to risk mitigation and investor protection. Valkyrie’s innovative approach to ETF custody sets it apart as a leader in the industry. This move not only reinforces Valkyrie’s dedication to providing a secure investment vehicle but also sets a precedence for other ETF providers to follow suit.


Other ETF Providers Following Suit

The addition of a second custodian by Valkyrie reflects an emerging trend among ETF providers. Discussions have reportedly taken place between other fund issuers and custodians such as Gemini, Kraken, and BitGo to explore similar partnerships. Recognizing the benefits of diversifying custodians, other ETF providers may soon join Valkyrie in incorporating supplementary custodians to enhance their risk management strategies.

Partnership with BitGo Described as a ‘Huge Win’

BitGo CEO Mike Belshe expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Valkyrie, describing it as a “huge win.” Belshe commended Valkyrie for its industry-leading approach to risk mitigation in ETF custody. The collaboration between Valkyrie and BitGo further highlights Valkyrie’s position as a frontrunner in navigating the complexities of ETF custody and underscores the importance of working with trusted custodial partners.


Predictions for Future Custodian Diversification

Industry experts and commentators anticipate that other ETF providers will follow Valkyrie’s lead in diversifying custodians. As the benefits of adding supplementary custodians become increasingly apparent, it is likely that more funds will adopt this risk mitigation strategy. The involvement of additional custodians in the ETF market will contribute to a safer and more resilient ecosystem for bitcoin investors.

Secondary Custodian Options

Aside from BitGo, other custodians like Gemini and Kraken are attracting attention as potential secondary custodians. These established cryptocurrency platforms have earned reputations for their security measures and expertise in custody services. When selecting secondary custodians, ETF providers must consider factors such as the custodian’s track record, security protocols, regulatory compliance, and ability to integrate seamlessly with existing custodial operations.


Implications for the Bitcoin ETF Market

The addition of BitGo as Valkyrie’s second custodian has significant implications for the broader bitcoin ETF market. It showcases the growing emphasis on risk mitigation and investor protection within the industry. By diversifying custodians, ETF providers can enhance transparency, operational resilience, and overall market confidence. As more providers adopt this approach, the bitcoin ETF market is expected to mature and attract a wider range of investors.


Valkyrie’s decision to leverage the expertise of BitGo as a second custodian for its Bitcoin Fund reflects the company’s commitment to risk mitigation and investor protection. This move sets a precedent for other ETF providers to diversify their custodian arrangements and reinforces Valkyrie’s leading role in the ETF custody space. With the growing recognition of the importance of risk mitigation in the bitcoin ETF market, the involvement of multiple custodians is poised to become the industry norm, contributing to a safer and more robust investment environment for bitcoin ETF investors.



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